Terrible Two

December 28, 2007

Another year has gone by. Today, on this 4th Day of Christmas, the Fortress is two years old!

This is the 257th entry in Sure, Why Not?, by a wide margin the most often updated section (and what many believe to be the only thing on this site). The other sections I update whenever I feel like it. So they aren’t a whole lot different from poor, all-but-forgotten Science Village. Oh, well.

Time for a third year! Yay Fortress!

Joyeux Noel

December 25, 2007

Another Christmas has come upon us! Joy to the world!

I tell you, was a gorgeous Christmas Day here. Sunny and clear and quiet outside. Better than last year when it was raining. Made me think of the Emerson, Lake, and Palmer song “I Believe in Father Christmas”. First line goes: You said there’d be snow at Christmas, you said there’d be peace on earth, but instead it just kept on raining, a veil of tears for the virgin birth.

But, yeah, that was last year. This year, was a nice day. True, snow would have been way better, but not a bad day still.

Just one little issue. Grandma got sick about five days ago and hasn’t been well since. And after this morning she fell down after getting out of bed, and was too weak to pick herself back up and was on the floor for THREE HOURS, something was really wrong. Don’t know yet. Also been running a fever.

Could be something. Could be nothing. This afternoon, my dad and aunt and the rest of us decided it was time she went to the hospital. Dad, aunt, sister, and cousins took grandma to the hospital, and I stayed home to keep track of things here, plus I’m the only one who has work tomorrow and can’t do the late night if it came to that.

Interesting thing, though. I still feel like this was a good Christmas. If you’d told me before that we’d have something like this happen on Christmas Day, I’d shudder at the thought, feel like that would ruin it for sure. But it doesn’t feel ruined. Nor do I feel like this happening today made this any worse in particular. Magic of Christmas right there, I guess. Christmas still came all the same despite some adversity. I feel like a Who!

And, like the last two years, here’s my Christmas videos!

UN: xmas
PW: tree

Yeah, I know, it’s the same as last year even though I had said it was temporary. Whatever.


April 5, 2007

4-7-07: Upgrade complete!!! Everything looks fine! Of course, let me know if you see something that is screwy that I might not have caught. Yay!!!

Just a heads up. I’m going to have to upgrade this stupid thing. So if you come by in the next couple of days and everything looks weird, then I’ve started but haven’t finished yet.

Another heads up, and this pisses me off. I discovered the theme I chose for this thing isn’t supported in the current versions! Which means things will be looking a bit different. Probably. I’ll try to see if my current theme will work anyway, but if it has problems, I’ll just find another one. I’ve seen some promising ones, so no trouble there. Nothing exactly like this one, though. Even though I’ve torn apart this one’s stylesheet so much it’s hard to remember what it even looked like originally!

So that’s the deal. Probably won’t irritate you as much as it does me. Upgrading will hopefully cut down the ever increasing volume of comment spam. Seriously, you should see the disgusting crap in these spam comments! But you don’t. Because it all goes into moderation and I delete it before it ever even thinks about occupying publicly visible pixels.

We’ll see how it goes.

Stroke of Midnight

December 31, 2006

And now, for an annual, champagne-soaked edition of…


So today is New Year’s Eve. It is the night people around the world watch the clock and when it strikes midnight, they cheer, get drunk, and try to sing Auld Lang Syne. Well, except for some people. People who irritate me to no end. So who sucks today? People who don’t stay up until midnight tonight.

And they get all cocky about it. “Oh, I didn’t want to do that. I was tired. I don’t need to do that. I’m better than you.” Whatever, loser.

So stay up tonight and watch the clock strike twelve. I command you! :doitnow:

On another note, I did it! I have made an entry every day of December now, as I promised. Thank God for Christmas. It has lots of stuff worth an entry. If I were trying to do this in like September or something, it would be much harder. Now I’m worried I won’t have much to rant about next December. Shouldn’t worry, though. There’s always something.

Oh, and go, Detroit Lions, for humiliating the Dallas Cowboys at home today. 😀

One Year

December 28, 2006

Now for a celebratory session of…

Here’s to You!

So I raise my glass and say, “Here’s to you, Eight Mine Fortress!”

That’s right, folks. Today the Fortress is one year old! Began with Sure, Why Not? entry This Is Eight Mine Fortress, Miscellaneous short story Crisis in the Pool, NYRA Tales song parody 88 Lines about 44 NYRA Forums Members, and Goodies Reposted list Top 10 List: Computer. And from there it went. Crowd pleasing. Pissing off self-righteous idiots. Opening Eights. Raising my glass in a toast to stuff that is awesome. Calling out stuff that sucks for how much it sucks. Sacred decrees. Chasing buses. All kinds of good shit.

So hang on tight. You’re in for another year. 😀

Merry Christmas!!!

December 25, 2006

Not sure what to say, so I shot a video of me rambling in front of the tree.

Took forever to upload, but whatever.


It’s password protected so bots don’t download them and run out my bandwidth. They are huge files. You’ll need Quicktime to see them.

UN: xmas
PW: tree

This will only be valid for about a week, too.

And, yeah, there are two videos. For also included is the NEVER BEFORE SEEN video from last year’s Christmas!

But that’s my present to you. So rather than just reading my ramblings, you can see and hear my ramblings in my horrible voice. Enjoy!

Okay, Now It’s Christmastime

December 1, 2006

Well, I’m a bit late. It’s been Christmastime for over a week now. I just waited until now to say anything because, meh, felt like it. Started around noon on Thanksgiving to be exact, specifically when Santa Claus shows up in the Macy’s Parade. At that point, I put on my traditional Christmas pin. It’s of Santa Claus climbing a giant candy cane. It’s cool. :b:

So Merry Christmas.

Okay, you’ll be hearing that from me a lot more than this. Because I’m not one of these gay ranting sites that for some reason shuts down in December.:cute:

On the other hand, I shall post something here every single day of December! My little compensation for you. You need it. Your life sucks.

But better late than really damn early like my rant from five months ago.

Anyway, I’ll post something on this site every day in December. If I can’t come up with something for here, I’ve got some shit to post in the other sections, which have gone somewhat ignored since last spring, except for Croatan 2006 in Miscellaneous, which rocks balls. But even so, there’s a LOT of shit about Christmas time that’s worth rants. And not the same old crap you hear everywhere else.

So that is my present to you. Because I’m just cool like that.

Random Entries

September 30, 2006

Scroll down a ways and look to your right. Um, make sure you scroll back up here afterwards. Hehe.

Yup. Under the admin links and crap, I’ve added a Random Entries spot. Differs from the “Recent Entries” thing I’ve bitched about before seeing as these are for entries that aren’t right here on the main page anymore. A downside to this blog format is that there are so many awesome rants and pieces I wrote back in the day that fall out of sight. You people forget about them like the disrespectful maggots you are. But now they’re right there. A randomly generated list of some good old entries. The nostalgia!

Remember these? Oh, Pet Store! That was a good one. Don’t forget I’m American!, the little bit about politically correct terms. How can you pass up Behind Every Bag of Chips or Christian War? This is some good shit!

So, yeah, take this as a friendly reminder that there’s lots of good shit to read around here. I’m not reminding you for my own benefit. I remind you for your own. It’s good stuff. You should be so privileged. Now get reading! :doitnow:

I Hope I’m Helping

April 15, 2006

For the first couple of months or so, the single most common search phrase to hit here was “MySpace is stupid”. Hehehe. This month so far, it has fallen to third, behind second place search phrase “Samurai Sudoku”. Obviously, those both hit previous entries MySpace Is Stupid, But Give It a Break and Samurai Sudoku, respectively. Not sure how helpful I was to either of those, whatever “MySpace is stupid” is trying to find anyway. Although I suppose my message in that entry is one I rather like people seeing and thinking about. Isn’t that why anyone writes anything?
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