New Section!!!

April 9, 2006

That’s right. On this Palm Sunday, the Fortress has opened up yet another wing for the enjoyment of, well, whoever is just that bored. I have called it Lore Galore!. This fifth open section right now has only one thing: The Story of Easter, originally told last year on the NYRA forums and now reproduced here. Wondering what we’ll be celebrating next Sunday? Go read. Now! :doitnow:

There’s also a Story of Christmas that I wrote a few months ago as well. When will it be up? Christmastime, duh! So wait another seven or eight months. Or just go find where I originally posted it on the NYRA forums. Whatever.

Replying to Dean

April 8, 2006

As time goes by, old entries fall out of date. They fall out of the main page and wind up stuck in some archives. They’re still there for you folks to enjoy, and comments are still open for old posts. Why not? I’ll see new comments no matter how old the original entry might be. Some stuff is so good it outlasts time and deserves some comments later on. Trouble is, no one would really see it. Shame. Could get some good comments, even if from someone who doesn’t entirely agree. Like this one! From a guy named Dean, responding to my old Teen Driving Fallacies entry from January. I think Dean merits not only a rather nice response but a separate new entry for it even. Enjoy!
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April 2, 2006

Oh, my! The Fortress was a bit overrun with bandits or something for the past day or so. Why, they flipped the whole place upside down! What a mess to clean up. Those rascals.

Well, except for the Cross on the main page.

And This is Sure, Why Not?

December 29, 2005


I’d say it’s pretty well summed up back on the main page. I’ll be posting stuff on here from time to time. Stuff I’ll try my hardest to keep relatively interesting. Aside from these first two posts, of course, which I know suck major ass. Introductory crap. What do you want?

And I called it Sure, Why Not? because that’s about my most commonly said phrase. Just ask my little cousin. Hehehe. Although, these days, it probably takes a back seat to how often I say “meh”.

Now that this crap is out of the way…. stay tuned for what other crap I’ll write up to post here!

This is Eight Mine Fortress

December 28, 2005

Welcome. This is Eight Mine Fortress. I’m Katrina. You may remember me as having created such websites as Tomato World and Science Village, and I wrote every single thing on this happy little website. I like it. Serves as a nice depository for my old written gems, my new ones, and whatever the hell else I stick on here. Look around. You’ll figure it out.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering how I came up with such a name. Eight Mine Fortress. Just what is that? Well, much of what gets churned out and posted on this site took lots of thinking. When I think, I like to play a game, and that game is almost invariably Minesweeper. I play it not so much for best times, although I do sometimes. I play for the numbers. I play for the more elusive numbers trapped in squares surrounded by lots of mines. Sevens are fascinating in and of themselves. Always a treat to open one of them, particular in Expert (as opposed to the same-dimensioned but higher mine density custom fields I play). Yet the Seven always pales in comparison to the wondrous joy that is opening an Eight.

Elusive Eight. Trapped on all sides by mines, touches no other number. That’s what I play for, and that’s what I think for. Whether the pleasant occasion of seeing Eight or the light bulb in my head when I get a damn good idea, it is rare and great.

Although, perhaps a better answer in regards to why this site is named Eight Mine Fortress is because, well, I just felt like it!

Oh, did I mention that my nickname for an Eight in Minesweeper is a Fortress? Well, it is.