MySpace Is Stupid, But Give It a Break!

February 6, 2006

MySpace is stupid. Everyone knows it. It’s buggy, you get too many stupid bulletins from people who don’t realize that their stupid bulletins are annoying, too much whining, too much spamming, and I’m so sick of people putting so much shit in their profiles that it takes forever for it to load. Why the hell do people put music videos up? Who the hell actually sits and watches them? And why have music playing at all? What I really hate are the ones with music playing but they don’t provide any means of turning it the hell off! Look, when I’m at my computer, chances are I’ve got my Winamp playing. In fact, I’ve got it playing right now. “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen. Good song! But, yeah, so I’m already listening to my own music. I don’t want to hear yours.

Worst of all about MySpace are the scanty pics some people like to put up. All the so-called MySpace “whoring”. Ugh. What is wrong with some people? Of course, where there’s such behavior on the Internet, the overzealous “protect our post-pubescent but not yet legal children” brigade is not far behind. That train is never late. And therein lies my rant.

What the fuck are you people so worried about? Do you think that if your 15-year-old daughter is chatting on the Internet and has pictures of herself posted, you’ll have perverts knocking down your door? Do you think she’d jump right up and comply if a random stranger told her to meet him behind the grocery store one evening? Such a thing VERY rarely happens, despite what your precious evening news says, so come off it. You’re worrying about a very unlikely threat and ignoring more possible ones, such as the psychological annoyance of having parents who think that every little thing she gets into will lead to her bloody demise.

Because that’s the trouble. You people think every single thing teenagers like is causing them to do bad things and for bad things to happen to them. Whether you admit it or not, that’s how you feel: Teenagers can’t do anything right. You scold them for thinking you think that, but they’re right. Of course, teenagers commonly are scolded when right, so nothing new there. Hehehe. I mean, even if your son or daughter stayed home all the time and just did homework and read books and listened to non-offensive non-explicit music all evening and never asked for or wanted much of anything, you people would even find a problem with that. Believe me, I know. That’s how I was, and my parents still hated me. So MySpace and video games and modern music and whatever the hell else are not the problem. The problem is that you people just will not allow yourselves to ever approve of anything your children do, and, frankly, that’s sad and pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourselves, for making your innocent children think they’ve committed some horrible sin when in fact it is you with the problem.

Don’t take this as an insult. Take it as a sign that everything is okay. Your sons and daughters are not in any danger using MySpace or any other website. How is an online friend any different from a penpal? Think about that. Your kids are not as stupid as you (like to) think they are. They’re not stupid enough to put their phone numbers or home addresses in public view, and even if they did, what are the odds someone would actually come to your house? Most people who’d see it live far away, often in other countries. Of all the hundreds of millions of people online who leave their personal info lying around, odds are pretty good that your sons and daughters won’t be targeted. So, please, this Internet fear is unfounded, irrational, and just gives you unnecessary worry. You’re a parent. Don’t you have enough worries otherwise as it is? 😉

So why don’t you worry about much more likely threats to your kids? Such as, say, getting struck by lightning, being crushed by a meteor, eaten by a lion, or something else like that? All MySpace may do is kill a few of their brain cells, but, to be honest, judging from your conduct, I doubt you give a crap about that at all.

21 thoughts on “MySpace Is Stupid, But Give It a Break!”

  1. Honnestly if a kid runs off with someone they meet online, it’s pretty obvious that they are not getting any respect from their parents and they want to be with somebody who will give them that respect. If these parents respected their children and treated them more like young adults instead of mere overgrown children, I doubt that they would even feel the need to seek attention from strangers.

  2. I know this is very late, and that topic is pretty much closed, but I thought I might put in my two cents: Precisely.

  3. your the biggest fag. you should lyk a little duche bag. just from the first paragh says how much u cry when ppl have videos and music on there myspace. why do u care? maybe people wanna see what kind of music they watch and listen to. thats how ppl can express themsevels. so my point is, screw you. HAHAHAHA LATER!

  4. well if you think it is so stupid and so do i WHY DO YOU GO TO IT DUHHH I DONT GO TO IT!!!!!!! for god sake get a life stop whinning

  5. Hon, I clearly have more a life than you do, seeing as you’re the one who has enough time on her hands to come to my site simply to whine about me. Take your own advice. 😉

  6. LOL! I love it! SOOOO True, those type of crappy, stupid, dim-witted, emotionally stunted and fucked up parents annoy me!

  7. Exactly. It just seems like so many young people get “abducted” by sex offenders because of course the news is going to broadcast that. I mean most of things we see on the news is bad, so of course parents are going to be like “oh no!!” But it’s true that if your kid is dumb enough to start a relationship with someone they don’t even know on the internet and then run away with them only to get raped or w/e, well that is pretty idiotic of that kid, and it’s the parent’s fault for not teaching them better.

  8. Okay are kina wrong but ur kina right but myspace i but then quit because it wasting my time but i could because on it so much cuz i had do other things so i was to busy and will it’s kina like you never know if the preson is lieing they say their name they could be lieing to you and some people are just use you cuz they no friends but just i like msn it’s better cuz because myspace does have wings and their funnyer but any ways i just want to say it’s not that stupied because meet people from every were will kina is i just say if like it stay on if don’t then don’t then do myspace u pick ur mind up if you like mysapce so yea =)Piece OUT!!!!=)

  9. Notice how the people these posts reach out to are the same audience you’re bashing. Fortunately, myspace is something people really don’t care about – with the exception of those trying to exploit the userbase. It’s just the new geocities only with a better name… still just as tween as ever.

  10. Okay, this kid is officially my freaking idol. he is right in every way possible. But people, he is only stating the obvious. I just had a blast posting out 21 bulletins on myspace just now to all the myspace whoring dude thats were up since yesterday trying to get friends which we all know are probably registered sex offenders.
    Yes i think that myspace can be used possitivly but most of the time all you see is skank after skank posting her boobs out there for not only her friends to see but horny pervs to look at too. ohh yeahh and also the frigging drama setting every one off.
    so yeah, i think myspace should be looked at not with the “omg, myspace is amazing” but people should think about “what really goes on when i’m on”. because seriously people, myspace aint all that. ……….but if you use it the way its supposed to be used it could be.
    and im not just saying this because i am a random con-myspace person because i could spend all day on myspace myself sometimes;; but i’m jsut saying this because ive had negative experience using the website.

  11. hell yus i love this dude
    my parents r like that..they constaly put up blocks every were
    as if im rlly gunna meet sum random fucker n run off with him
    i mean god
    no matter how much i explain 2 then im actually smart enough 2 not go n say HEY THIS IS WERE I LIVE CUM RAPE ME!!!!
    ya kno…? i rlly dont get it

  12. Well, i was happy to see someone who could actually talk intelligently, which is why I enjoyed it… but damn to this

    “”””hell yus i love this dude
    my parents r like that..they constaly put up blocks every were
    as if im rlly gunna meet sum random fucker n run off with him
    i mean god
    no matter how much i explain 2 then im actually smart enough 2 not go n say HEY THIS IS WERE I LIVE CUM RAPE ME!!!!
    ya kno…? i rlly dont get it””””” (Jen)

    Someone who talks like this deserves to be raped! =O

  13. This is so pointles, im not even trying to be a bitch. But seriously, this might as well be a myspace blog or bulletin because this is what they do on myspace, write about pointless shit. And that’s what your doing. And you complain about it in your story or essay or whatever you want to call it. And you shouldn’t care what people want to put on their myspaces, if you don’t like it…don’t go to their myspaces then…people who watse their time complaining about stuff like that are just stupid. Sorry but true.

  14. I somewhat disagree. Myspace is f***** stupid because when you friend people that have sexy pics as their profile pics, MySpace automatically deletes them without your consent… I guess it is the F****** law enforcement or gov’t, too, that have a play in that…. It sure does piss me off a whole lot though.. I have a feeling my new MySpace account will be deleted too!

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