Musings on an Old Blog

June 19, 2023

Whoa! It’s different around here. I’ve caved and finally gone dark text on light background and, holy balls, is this a serif font?!

Anyway, I launched this thing way back in 2005. The anniversary was in December actually, and normally this might be an anniversary type post, but on that day I was battling a sore throat and nasty chills, glaring incredulously at my negative Covid test. I took another the next day which was positive, so that was a thing. The moral of the story is don’t spend Christmas with anyone. So, screw it, I’m thinking about this now, so here it is in June.

Other than the redesign process involving a lot of revisiting old material, I’ve seen a pattern among other blogs or even social media accounts I know. When I launched this thing, I was 22 years old. Back then, we were into George W Bush’s second term and couldn’t imagine a worse president. I firmly identified as Christian. I was living with family. I didn’t have a car or even a license. Hell, I even used to be pro-life! Flash forward to now, and I just turned 40 last month, I’m solidly secular humanist and decidedly irreverent toward faith, two of the three people I was living with are now deceased, my car is 16 years old and has been on its fair share of adventures, I think my current views on abortion rights are clear, and as I write this the Orange Thing is being indicted on 37 charges of mishandling classified documents among literally everything else about him. Back then I was also in my first term on NYRA’s Board of Directors, a role I would hold until 2015, as well as forum moderator, in its heyday at the time. I’m no longer with NYRA, and the forum has been gone for over a decade, but I’m still a youth rights supporter through and through.

So for sure both I and the world as a whole have changed. Why then do I keep writing to the blog I started so long ago? Even if posting has slowed. That brings me to the titular musings. Let’s begin with…

Coping with the past/younger self

I don’t like talking about a younger self as if that’s a separate unrelated person. There’s a direct line from past self to present self. I understand the urge to do that, because, holy crap, younger you was just so cringe, amirite?! So you distance yourself to maintain an image of integrity for the present self. Trouble is, because there in fact is that direct line, somewhere in there you made some change to “not cringe” (an assessment your future self may disagree with). And by distancing yourself, you erase that change or at least don’t indicate you even understand what changed. Maybe you didn’t actually change at all.

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Ten Years

December 28, 2015

A lot can happen in ten years.

Some things stay constant each year, be it eating candy hearts on Valentine’s Day or singing carols on Christmas Eve. Maybe a decade without a new style or design or layout.

Some things change. Could be somewhat religious and later pull away from it. Could use certain words of expression and later realize they’re offensive and should never have been used. Could see relatives die or move away, friends drift away as other friends drift nearer. Could be an organization that is once so precious and important falling out of mention. Could be what was once so funny is now embarrassing and cringeworthy.

Eight Mine Fortress is now ten years old. On one hand, I’m glad this wasn’t some flash in the pan idea of mine I abandoned shortly after starting. That this site has continued on. On the other hand, the trouble with having a site like this for so long is how many posts from way back when I don’t agree with anymore, wish I’d expressed differently, or just plain should never have posted.

In any case, on to another decade of them!

New Hat!

August 23, 2015

Hey, check it out. I was playing Minesweeper because, well, I’m me, and look what happened. I won. Well, of course I won. I’m awesome. But I won a field that had every number on it. 😀

Okay, it was on the third try, but still counts.

You may also notice something different around here. Sure, Why Not? is totally new and improved! The color scheme and whatnot are… ugly as all hell like usual.

But it’s got a new hat!

And by that I mean new header. The winning Minesweeper field with every number because why not? I was tired of the old one.

Enjoy the brand new Sure, Why Not?. 😛

This has been Day 92 of the 100 Days of Summer, Round 15.

In a Nutshell

December 28, 2014

Youth need rights.

Ageism is bad.

I love Christmas!

I mostly love Christmas music.

Harry Potter is awesome!

People are stupid about religion.

People are stupider about politics.

People are especially stupid about love.

Everyone else does things weird.

Food is yummy.

Unless it’s cheese. Fuck cheese.

Minesweeper rules.

Disney movies give us a lot to ponder.

Go Redskins!

Dallas sucks.

That about sums up the past nine years.

Happy 9th Anniversary, Eight Mine Fortress! 😀


December 28, 2013

Alright, here is yet another mine field. Time to uncover.


Not bad.

Open another square…


Watch your step!


Just don’t get into a corner or hit a wall.


Getting around another side now.


Eeep! They’re closing in.


It’s like a hallway or a ninety-degree turn.


It’s a dead end. Or like being in a dangerous little room. Almost totally surrounded. Almost…

Uh oh… It is…


Totally surrounded.

It’s like you’re in some kind of Fortress. Or something like that.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven.


Happy 8th Anniversary, Eight Mine Fortress!!!!

Seventh Anniversary

December 28, 2012

Yup, Eight Mine Fortress is seven years old today. I’m so proud! 😀

Seven years of sitting here with whatever crazy crap I write to it.

On to the eighth year… of Eight Mine Fortress.

Ha. This anniversary post next year is going to make a stupid joke about that. 🙄

Well, two more until the 2012 recap…


December 28, 2011

You know when a year has the same calendar as another year?

I was born on a Friday, so whenever my birthday lands on a Friday, that year’s calendar matches up (or mostly matches up if a leap year) to the 1983 calendar.

Hey! My birthday was a Friday this year! So 2011 and 1983 match up!

This year also has the same calendar as 2005.

So, today, December 28, 2011, is a Wednesday, just like December 28, 2005 was.

I feel like that date rings a bell…

I feel like the days leading up, once Christmas was out of the way anyway, I was putting something together and fixing it up.

And on this day, six years ago, it went live…

Of course! You’re looking at it! 😀


My Five-Year-Old

December 28, 2010

Five years old today!

Yup, I have a five-year-old. Sometimes cranky. Sometimes ranty. Sometimes sweet. Sometimes thoughtful. Sometimes bored. Sometimes sad. Sometimes joyous. Sometimes excited.

Always colorful. Always awesome. Always full of whatever info or influence I happen to provide. Poor thing! Hehe.

Maybe I don’t give as much attention as I once did, but always there when needed, still there all these years. On to the sixth.


Four Calling Birds

December 28, 2009

On this fourth day of Christmas, I guess I’ve got these four calling birds from some secret admirer. *shrug*

They won’t shut up. Chatting away on their cell phones, even while they’re driving. I try to talk to one of them, yet they keep yakking away on the phone. So rude.

Even when I invite them to dinner, they take their places at the dining table, yet they keep talking and talking on their phones, while I’m just sitting there awkwardly, as if in another world. Lame.

Eventually, the four calling birds went away, still running their mouths to the unknown being on the other end of their calls. Oh, well. Best of luck to them.

Happy 4th Anniversary, Eight Mine Fortress!!!

The Third

December 28, 2008

Year, that is! 😀

Today we wish a Happy 3rd Birthday to… Eight Mine Fortress!

Moving along like before, despite a rather sparse year of entries on here and even sparser on new content for the other sections. More than half of this year’s entries are this month alone!

Here’s to year four!