The C Word

December 14, 2006

And now, for a festive, non-denominational session of…


People who are afraid to say the word “Christmas”. As if the political correctness gods will smite them if they do. That’s not all. On the other end of the spectrum are the asshats who throw a fit if you say anything other than Christmas.

For the former, get over it. Like it or not, there is a holiday celebrated on the twenty-fifth of December called Christmas that is celebrated by billions of people. I do not care what other holidays are celebrated by whoever else in December. When talking about Christmas, they are not part of that conversation at the moment, so they need not be mentioned. I mean, when talking about Independence Day, do we also feel so obligated to talk about Canada Day, which is three days earlier, or Bastille Day, ten days later? No. Screw them. If I’m talking about them, I’d mention them.

For the latter, here’s a historical tidbit. Decades ago, before everyone was getting their undergarments in a mess over political correctness and being sure to acknowledge every damn celebration imaginable within a certain proximity of the winter solstice, the term Happy Holidays was still widely used! Back when the only December holiday anyone knew or cared about was Christmas, people still said Happy Holidays. End of the year time period was still the holiday season as it is now.

Furthermore, I would not be the least bit offended if someone wished me a Happy Chanukah or Happy Kwanza. You know why? I’m not so insecure about the existence of religions and cultures different from my own that I must make some statement that my holiday must be recognized at every possible opportunity. This goes for the never-say-Christmas and the always-say-Christmas folks. Shrill Christian fundamentalists are so terrified that people will forget about Christmas (hahahahaha!) that they must attack anything even remotely secular. If someone feels like collectively acknowledging all the holidays in this time period, there is nothing wrong with that. Hell, even if it were just a Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Years mixture, it still works.

I have news for you. The existence of Chanukah, Kwanza, and whatever the hell else gets celebrated around now does NOT cause any harm to Christmas. Christmas is still there and still celebrated and still a day off. It’s not going anywhere.

Neither are any other holidays. Saying Merry Christmas is NOT a statement against other cultures’ celebrations around now. It is an affirmation of Christmas specifically. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, so the hell what? Have a good time on that particular day then. Whatever. In any case, quit turning a kind statement of well wishing, be it Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or whatever else, into an insult.

Also, why does this time of year get such attention like this? What’s with the battle over whether we observe only Christmas or every single celebration anyone has ever had? Last I checked, this isn’t the only time of year with holidays.

Don’t Columbus Day and Yom Kippur and Canadian Thanksgiving conflict now and then? Why don’t we hear about that? Any PC or anti-PC bullshit surrounding that?

Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day, maybe?

The aforementioned independence days? USA’s is July 4, Canada’s is July 1, France’s is July 14, and there are a bunch of others around that general time, too. I haven’t seen any argument over whether we should be celebrating them in one conglomeration. I mean, wouldn’t talking about or wishing someone well on Canada Day make the French feel bad because their day wasn’t recognized?

Oh, what else? Beltane, Cinco de Mayo, and Mother’s Day? Well, screw those.

My birthday knocks them out of the water. Hehehe. And, of course, Easter and Passover. Another issue of high Jewish and high Christian holidays being around the same time, although, unlike Christmas and Chanukah, there is an actual reason they are around the same time rather than coincidence. And even then you don’t hear the bitching that one is overshadowing the other or not being acknowledged properly. Although, at a nearby mall, I did see them call him the Spring Bunny. That was weird. But other than that, nothing!

What we have here is yet another situation where people are complaining about something during the holiday season that, when you actually take the time to think about it, is actually totally ridiculous. In fact, you probably aren’t even paying attention to what I said. You want to yell at me for saying holiday season rather than Christmas time. It wasn’t an insult. Quit thinking there is. If you need something to worry about, find a string and play with it for a while. Just get out of my face with your crap about what holiday should or shouldn’t be specifically acknowledged. Go to hell.

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  1. well i was just browsing and i like your site! : D particularly this post. i agree with you totally. i can’t stand those people that see a shirt that says Happy Chrismahanakwanzica and freak out. It’s just a little bit of holiday cheer people! sit back down! but whats worse is those people who dont believe you should say “meryy christmas” at all. you know if you dont wanna celebrate christmas- dont! dont celebrate anything if you dont want to! its a free country. but it certainly isnt anybody else’s business now is it?

  2. “…pussies are bad unless were talking about the soft, furry kind that goes ‘Meow!'”

    I like the moist, furry ones that don’t go “Meow!”!

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