The 63-Inch Pianist

December 7, 2006

Did I ever tell you that one? Nah. I don’t tell people everything about myself. I just let some things come up as they come up on their own. So people who know me learn little known facts about me during the course of knowing me. Makes it more fun.

Little known, seldom mentioned fact about me today? I play the piano.

Well, these days, I play only during Christmas time. I played earlier this evening, but only because nobody was home. Because I’m just that bad at it.

Would you believe I played for nine years? Started at age six and straight on up to fifteen, and then only stopped because my instructor made a bit of a career shift.

I was your typical kid who gets talked into playing a musical instrument, yet never practiced, and always caught lots of shit for never practicing. I didn’t want to stop doing it, but I didn’t have the inclination to practice as much as I was technically supposed to. So, yeah, I suppose that contributes to my being so bad at it. It became more of a chore than anything.

Sure enough, when to the point of not actually having to get good at it (the having to being my mom not wanting to look stupid in front of my instructor every Monday afternoon because I had clearly not practiced), I was a little more willing to play. Even then, not only was I still bugged now and then about practicing even after the weekly sessions were done, I didn’t play all that often anyway. Didn’t feel like it. But at least the few times I did, I enjoyed it a bit more.

But, yeah, these days, pretty much just Christmas songs, mostly because those are the only music books I can even locate since before we moved out of our house.

I’m good at “What Child Is This?”, aka “Greensleeves”. What else? The Twelve Days of Christmas. No, it is not long. Just repetitive. I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, too. I like that song. And a few others. Silent Night. Jolly Old Saint Nicholas. Ding Dong Merrily on High. O Holy Night. We Three Kings of Orient Are.

Christmas songs, for the win. :b:

I’ll be discussing more about them during this every day in December thing!

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