Lights Please

December 5, 2006

I hereby decree…

White holiday lights suck. Colored lights, for the win.

Yeah, what’s the point of white Christmas lights? It’s the same color as your porch lights. You went through all the trouble of climbing around on ladders, nearly breaking your neck, pricking yourself in your bushes (huh, huh, huh), and untangling the wire, but for what? Boring!

Although if the lights flash and flicker, that redeems it a little. But solid white lights on the front of your house? Snooze.

What’s with people having white lights on their Christmas tree? Dude, that’s like the headquarters of your holiday decor, you don’t skimp on the lights! The multi-colored ball ornaments don’t make up the difference (although they are required as well). The only time I can see doing white lights on the Christmas tree is if everything else on it is white, maybe or maybe not the branches as well. Even then, that sort of thing is more for a second tree that sits on a table in the living room. Not for the main tree.

Although a color theme isn’t a bad idea, but pick a better color than white. Blue or red would rock. Purple, too. For some reason, green seems like it would lack a bit, but even that is better than white. Oh! Maybe a blacklight tree with glow-in-the-dark branches. That would be something!

Just to clarify, when I say white lights, I’m actually referring to clear ones. Lights that are actually white are cool. Well, to a point. But still better than clear!

Now let’s talk about the sheer wonder that is flashing lights. You can set the flashing style, too! Should each color fade in individually? Maybe they twinkle one direction and switch directions after a few. Or just a steady circular flash? So many choices. All so cool. Well, except the option of all the lights fading in and out at the same time slowly, that one is lame. There’s also the option of leaving it steady, but, hell, you paid for a sequencing string, use it!

In fact, if I can ever get out to a store, I just might buy one for myself just to play with. :cute: 😀

Sequencing lights are good for the front of the house, but on the Christmas tree? AWESOME!!!

For now, let’s just settle for this small string I borrowed from Science Village that I adorn the bottoms of these posts with. 🙂

Oh, forgot to mention. There’s this house in Gaithersburg somewhere, in the woods. Along the edges of the porch and roof is all blue lights. Totally eerie. Mad props to that house. That’s awesome. Don’t know if they still do that or if the same people still live there, it’s been a while, but, man, that rocked.

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