May 31, 2006

You know what I had for lunch today? Nothing fancy. An “everything bagel” I’d bought at Panera yesterday morning along with an entire package of Oscar Mayer meats. It was one of those variety packs with three slices of white turkey, three slices of turkey ham (whatever the fuck that is!), three slices of bologna, and three slices of cotto salami. Yummy!

Yes, I can eat the whole package in one sitting. That with my stale bagel was today’s lunch. And what was so special about it that it merits using up bytes and pixels on my hallowed blog? I don’t know. Maybe because it lacked any kind of sophistication? I mean, I was sitting there at my desk stuffing these meat slices into my mouth one after the other. Some might have thought it was gross, but if anyone did, screw them. I like it!

You know some people have mistaken me for a vegetarian? Ha! This occurred a bit over three years ago, back in college. We were having a barbecue at my research advisor’s house after this big ass conference where we gave presentations on our research projects. When I was about to leave, I snatched the last grilled hot dog from the plate of them and started eating it on my way out. This one guy saw me and he was like “Wow, I didn’t think you look like the type who eats meat!”

Hahahaha! I like the meat. And I told him I was known to eat sixteen slices of bologna in one sitting. Although I admit this wasn’t nearly as funny as the time I was buying a Simpsons poster at this big ass poster sale in my junior year, and the girl selling the poster to me was all like “You don’t look like someone who watches the Simpsons.”

LOL! People’s perceptions totally suck sometimes. Not mine though. Never. If I’ve pegged you some way and you manage to say it’s otherwise, then it is YOU who are wrong. :doitnow:

But, yeah. Screw fancy lunches. So many work places are littered with folks eating the same old ramen noodles or miniature casseroles or canned soup or tiny salads every single meaningless day. Me? Well, I fall into that trap often. Not today. Today I was totally white trash. Pack of turkey meat and a bagel! Sweet.

This has been Day 8 of the 100 Days of Summer, Round 6.

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  1. Misconceptions suck, definitely. I quite despise them myself. And whoah, that lunch certainly sounds like a meat-fest! 😀

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