Semitic Cousins

December 12, 2009

I hereby decree…

Arabs and Jews are the same people!

I might want to throw Greeks and Italians into that mix, too, for a lot of this.

Last night was the first night of Chanukah, and I can guarantee all our Jewish friends were up late and stuffed themselves with lots of delicious food. And they’ll do the same tonight. And tomorrow night. Eating and celebrating, running late into the night, with lots and lots of people.

And in two weeks for Christmas Eve, the Italians, Greeks, and Christian Arabs will be doing exactly the same. 😀

The hora dance? Originated in Eastern Europe actually and is prevalent there and the Balkans and Middle East. Like a special circle dance. The Jews do it, of course, and so do the Italians, Greeks, and Arabs!

I even had this following conversation with my mother a few weeks back:

Me: Hey, Mom, don’t Arabs also do that chair dance thing at weddings and such like the Jews do?
Mom: Yeah. Wait… the Jews do that too?
Me: *facepalm*

The first time I had seen the chair dance was in a video of my cousin’s engagement party many many years back. So I figured it was regional. Turned out I was right!

The female of Italian, Greek, Arab, and/or Jewish descent is always built in with one strong urge: I HAVE TO FEED EVERYBODY!

That’s why I spent over $200 on food at NYRA’s annual meeting this year. 😛

As for the guys, they seem to sweat olive oil. It’s weird.

But we do consume copious amounts of the stuff. :b:

We all speak different languages, but they are still languages that sound like someone just choked on a bone.

And, hell, we all look the same!

And if you’re a girl, hey, you can have a career and do just about anything with your life, but it will always still end with “so when are you getting married?” Because you’re still just a vagina with legs.

So we’re the same basic people. Quit the bickering!

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