Red Eyes Are Shut

January 6, 2009

Normally, this is where I’d mention that today is Epiphany, the last day of the 2008 Christmas season, and all that jazz, but there’s something else that bears a mention.

Because, sometime yesterday, my little red eye tetra friend Cedric, after four years and seven months, finally swam off to fishy heaven. 🙁

Weird to think of how long it’s been. I got him only just over a year after I graduated from college. I had only just recently gotten into NYRA, and it was two months before I became a paid member and joined the forums. When I got him, I hadn’t even worked yet. Through all the NYRA stuff and all the various jobs I’ve had and other little adventures, Cedric was always right there in the tank, swimming around, his bright red eyes searching for whatever.

He’s gone off to a place much larger than the little five gallon tank where he’s spent pretty much all of his life. Perhaps it’s an infinite body of water, lots of little places to explore and other fish to socialize with. Lots of space to dart around when he feels like it, lots of fish flakes or even that expensive crap I’d never splurge for. Lots of little places for him to float still for hours on end.

Cedric is in a better place. 🙂

Goodbye, Cedric! I hope you’re finding wherever you are now to be pleasant. Your earthly remains have been buried by a tree in front of my house. A nice spot.

June 6, 2004 – January 5, 2009

Oh, and yeah, goodbye to the 2008 Christmas season! Until Thanksgiving…

*takes down lights*

5 thoughts on “Red Eyes Are Shut”

  1. What about Pirahna? They’re fucking evil and they go to Hell! Cedric is swimming with the pirahnas now 😆

    Nah, I’m sure Cedric is devouring fish flakes right from Jesus’ hand and all that jazz.

  2. Ewww, Jesus better not be feeding him. That big ass nail that went through his hand had to have given him all sorts of infections!

  3. So sorry you lost Cedric! I remember you mentioned him to me in my thread about aquariums a long time back. I also have a long-time fish (got him in ’02), my goldfish Phoenix. My condolences and maybe Jesus is wearing those vinyl food safety gloves, or Cedric is busy foraging for plants and decapods.

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