Christmas Tree

December 23, 2007

And now, for a festive, decorative edition of…

Here’s To You!!!

So I raise my glass and say, “Here’s to you, Christmas tree!”

I pretty much did much of the decorating of the tree since my grandma can’t lift her arms too much at a time. The other night, I was putting on the lights, after telling her not to worry about it. I began putting them up, but then she kept coming over and moving them, in her way of saying to me YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!

Then she got sick for a few days, so there wasn’t much done in the way of Christmas preparation.

Today, seeing as the tree only had some lights on it and nothing else, figured we’d better get it done. So that’s what I spent the evening doing.

We have SO many damn ornaments! It got to the point that in several places there were three to a branch. And more and more kept being put on. Shit, no wonder the tree has been known to tip. We’d need like three more trees to fit all these. And that’s with the fact that many still didn’t get put on.

Maybe some sturdy garland around the house to hold even more.

Yay! Christmas!

On another note, the moon is bright tonight! Clear night, full moon. The “midnight clear” is a day early, hehe.