December 15, 2007

Ugh. This news story just got posted on NYRA.


Canadian Muslim Teen’s Dad Charged in Her Murder; Friends Say They Clashed Over Head Scarf

TORONTO — A Canadian man has been charged with murdering his own daughter, and her friends say the two clashed over her refusal to wear a Muslim head scarf. Police have not commented on a motive.

Aqsa Parvez, 16, of Mississauga, Ontario, was rushed to hospital in critical condition Monday after a man made an emergency call in which he claimed to have killed his daughter, police said. She died late Monday night.

The emergency call “came in from the father saying he had killed his daughter,” police spokesman Wayne Patterson said. “Police arrived and rushed her to hospital and she passed away.”

Patterson said they are working at determining the motive and refused to confirm it was over the head scarf.

The girl’s friends said in interviews Tuesday that Aqsa loved shopping for clothes and clashed with her family over her reluctance to wear the hijab, a traditional veil or head scarf for devout Muslim women.

“She didn’t want to go home … to the point where she actually wanted to go to shelters,” classmate Ashley Garbutt, 16, told the Toronto Star.

Muslim leaders cautioned against jumping to conclusions.

“I don’t want the public to think that this is really an Islamic issue or an immigrant issue,” said Mohamed Elmasry of the Canadian Islamic Congress. “It is a teenager issue.”

The girl’s father, Muhammad Parvez, 57, made a brief court appearance Tuesday morning and was remanded in custody pending another court appearance Wednesday. Aqsa Parvez’s brother, Waqas Parvez, 26, is facing a charge of obstructing police and remains in custody pending a Dec. 14 hearing.

Neither man has entered a plea yet.

Calls to the Parvez family home went unanswered Tuesday night

Patterson said he did not know if the man had a lawyer yet.

What the HELL?!?! A father murders his daughter because she didn’t want to wear a stupid scarf? Screw the hijab. She’s not your property, asshole! So, what, somehow you killing her over this isn’t as bad as her not wearing it? That excuses you? You’re a piece of shit.

And, you, the jerk who thinks he speaks for Muslims getting all up in arms because you think people will assume this sort of thing is specific to Muslims. It’s a teenager issue? The girl was KILLED for not wanting to wear the stupid hijab, and all you care about is implying her father was right to do it because she was being a disobedient teen? And somehow this is supposed to make Muslims look BETTER in the public eye?

If you want to be an apologist so bad, you’ve got to stop thinking Muslims, or Muslim men anyway, can’t do any wrong. True, I defend Christianity constantly when radical idiots like the Phelps family and similar people do crazy horrible shit in the name of God, but the important difference is that I do NOT defend the actions of those fundamentalist lunatics. Unlike some groups, Muslim or other religions, who seem to think defending the wrongdoer even accomplishes this or is the right thing to do.

If you want to defend the Muslim image, the only thing to do is condemn the man. He’s a murderer. To hell with why he did it. He murdered his daughter, and if you won’t say it was a horrible thing to do, or at least say it louder or just as loud as you say you don’t want people to think it’s a Muslim thing, then you leave everyone else to believe you condone it.

A teenager issue. Please! It’s not HER fault she was killed.

6 thoughts on “Sickening”

  1. It’s a Muslim thing. She was killed for disobeying Islamic law. That doesn’t mean ALL Muslims would do that, but it DOES mean Islamic law is at the heart of the problem.

    And it IS also a teenager issue: It’s about teenagers having the right to decide for themselves what religion, if any, to follow, and with what degree of commitment. It’s about teenagers having the right to life–about those who brought them into the world claiming the right to take them out of it. It’s about teenagers having the right not to live with people who oppress them and whom they fear may kill them.

    This man should be executed, and his religious leader should be investigated to determine whether he incited the murder.

  2. Execution is a cheap and primitive form of retribution that will do nothing but exacerbate and perpetuate the original act of ruthless violence that was committed, costing Americans hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes all the while.

  3. It is sad that this and other incidents like it will become a rallying point for Muslim haters and xenophobics alike. There are probably many complex things that occurred in this family. We aren’t even really sure what happened yet.

    But, some blame will inevitably be placed on Islam itself. Ofcoarse Muslims will seem violent to many Americans when articles such as this are published and images of Muslim protesters demanding the execution of a school teacher appear on the evening news.

    If I hear one more person say “Well, there’s that religion of peace for you.” I am going to throw a brick at the nearest person’s face.

  4. Most of ther people involved in the case believe it was over more than the hijab, because her sisters didn`t wear them and she hadn`t worn it in three months.

  5. That wouldn’t surprise me. Media probably just latching onto that one aspect to show the story in a more preferred light, just like they do with, oh, everything else.

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