My Birthday

May 6, 2007

I hereby decree…

It’s MY birthday!

That is, it’s MY birthday and nobody else’s! :doitnow:

Anyone else born on May 6? They’re lying. Only I was born on May 6. It’s MINE!

I’ve been known to emphatically claim odd things as mine and mine alone (rocks, phrases, trees, etc.), but so what, May 6 is MY birthday. Let’s review.

May 5: Cinco de Mayo plus birthday of millions and millions of people.

May 6: MINE!!! Nothing else!

May 7: Birthday of millions and millions of people.

You get the idea.

All these usurping jerks? Lying. They miswrote the date on their birth certificates or something. They think they’re nearly as cool as I am. Screw them. That’s a pipe dream. May 6 is mine. MINE!

Remember that. You meet anyone who isn’t me who says they were born on May 6, you can tell them surely that they are lying pieces of crap. Now you know. 😀

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