December 13, 2009

Plight of Hope

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I’m so sick of this crap. Look at this!

What happened to Hope Witsell

Go read that.

Pretty sad, huh? Thirteen-year-old Hope Witsell sent a boy a topless pic of herself (OMG sexting! aahhh!) and all the adults in her life go out of their way to make her life miserable over it, shaming her, convincing her she’s soiled and forever ruined… and they have the goddamn NERVE to wonder why she ended up killing herself!

Really? You assholes really don’t see why this happened? Not only that, but you do blame something. You blame… HER! You blame HER and this supposed “epidemic” of teen “sexting” and acting like THAT just claimed another victim without taking the slightest bit of responsibility for making damn SURE she felt suicidal ashamed over it.

Especially her stupid fucking parents. Awww, they’re all sad they lost their little girl? It’s THEIR fault! Why are they so sad? She just did what THEY wanted to do anyway but couldn’t because we don’t live in a country where honor killings are legal. Aren’t you just such great “tough love” parents? You showed her. Took away her internet access and phone and grounded her for the summer. How dare she shame your “good” church-going family? Take away everything that brings her the slightest bit of joy and convince her that her life is forever ruined. You assholes did everything BUT tie the noose around her neck!

Seriously, don’t play this whole “oh noes, sexting killed our daughter” shitty game. You’re the ones who CHOSE to make her life miserable over it, when if you had just let her be, she’d still be alive, you dumb fucking asshats! And why did you do it? To show you’re such great responsible parents? Yeah, great going.

The real reason? Well, I touched on it already with the honor killing mention. It makes YOU look bad. You feel like her behaving in a “sexual” way reflects badly on you. That’s why you have no business being sad about her death, because it’s exactly what you wanted. She’s no longer around to shame your family. Congrats.

And why does it shame you to begin with? She’s an individual person and it is HER body. What she does has no bearing whatsoever on YOU. It’s not her responsibility to preserve HER OWN body or virginity or whatever just to protect your shitty honor. The status of a girl’s private parts are not her parents’ or anyone else’s business. It is HERS and HERS alone. Jump the hell off her, you controlling perverts.

Because, as it says on one of the bumper stickers I made for NYRA…


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