Happy Chanukah

December 15, 2006

Tonight is the first night of Chanukah. Light those candles. Spin that dreidl. Eat those latkes. Dance the hora. Spell the name of the holiday like five hundred different ways. Say “oy!” a lot. All in good fun.

What is Chanukah about? I have no idea. Something about long lasting candles. Something about a temple celebration. Its close proximity to Christmas has led some to believe it is a high Jewish holiday like Christmas is a high Christian one. But it really isn’t. Passover and Yom Kippur are more the high holidays. Chanukah is just sort of there.
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December 11, 2006

Okay, I can do this.

*takes deep breath*

Aaaaahhhhhh!!!! This is the worst pain ever!

*breathes frantically*

Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! OWWWWWWWW! Son of a bitch!

*takes another deep breath*

Yeeeeeeeeeooooooooowwwwwwwwch! Is this over yet?! I think I’m almost done.

*deep breath*


Wow, I did it. It’s over with. Oh, man.

What was that about?! What could have happened many months ago to have caused this?

Damn you, internet quizzes.

Spoke Too Soon

December 8, 2006

Yeah, remember a couple days ago when I was saying how awesome my fish are?

Well, Geist died. 🙁

She’s the 19-month-old platy, who was born in my tank. Sigh. Something seemed wrong with her for a while. A long while. But she seemed fine otherwise if not maybe a little sick. Now she’s dead.

Sigh. Well, I’ll just leave her in what I call the “funeral cup” for now. It’s a plastic red cup I put my dead fish in before I put them in their final resting place. I used to flush them like normal, but I stopped because since they have names and all, they deserve a better departure. So I bury them now. I’ll go outside tomorrow with a trowel blade and find a nice spot.

R.I.P. Geist

May 13, 2005 – December 8, 2006


Hold Please

November 29, 2006

Being put on hold has its perks. Assload of annoyances, but yes, perks as well.

My main task at work is ordering lab supplies. I call up the nice vendor and read off a bunch of catalog numbers my coworkers gave me.

One of my favorite vendors to call is Fisher Scientific. I call them at least once a week for something or other. Usually along the lines of “where the hell is my damn order, bitches?!” 😀
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October 6, 2006

The table my computer is sitting on right now is old. Very old. Been in the family for like a century at least. I’ve been using it to hold my computer for the past three years now. Been nice.

Now and then, my grandma mentions the table. She says what it’s been used for in the past. Earlier this evening was one of those times. In fact, as she informed me, in 1917 when her brother was born, the doctor set him on this table to circumcise him.

Did I REALLY need to know that?!

*looks at table*



I Voted!

September 12, 2006

I’m not very political. I despise the news. I have no idea what’s going on here or anywhere.

But, damn it, as today got closer and closer, I got all excited and jumpy. “Iwannavote! Iwannavote! Iwannavote! Iwannavote! Iwannavote!”

Hehehe. And I did!

Sort of. Machine screwed up when they tried to enter me and get my card, so I had to fill out the damn thing on paper, as a provisional ballot. Bastards.

But at least I voted.

Who did I vote for? Who cares? Picking a candidate is not all there is to voting. Sure, it may be the whole point, but it’s not all there is. Voting is picking candidates, but, often more importantly, it’s about kicking the government in the shins now and then saying “Don’t you fucking ignore me!”

Not a Good Day for Twins

September 11, 2006

Yeah, you knew this was coming. This is Katrina’s tribute to September 11.

Oh, whatever should I say about the nasty event of five years ago today? Something patriotic? Nah. How I felt when it happened? I’ll get to that. Something about terrorism and war? Nope. Okay, might as well say what I did that day.
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And Finally…

August 31, 2006


As these 100 Days of Summer draw to a close, I reminisce about the events during these past three and a half months. Not many events. Kind of boring actually. Aside from the San Francisco trip, of course. That rocked. Definitely the high point of the year.

Also, I wonder what these final four months of 2006 will bring. You know, other than “What the hell?! This year is over already! It just started!” Sigh. Getting older sucks. I’m 23 now. I’ll probably be 60 sometime next week. Time is fast.

This week has been creepy as hell. For one, buses have been acting weird. Lots of breakdowns and massive lateness. Odd. My sister acted kind of strange yesterday evening. Plus a few other phenomena that would take a long time to explain. Oh, and I just came back from dinner to find a tomato sitting on my keyboard. It was delicious. Mmmm…. unexplained tomato.

Furthermore, on this 100th Day of Summer, I seem to have a hit a wall. It’s like what little plans I had with my life these days have come to a sudden and indefinite halt. For one, I found out today my job will be ending in three weeks. Damn. I was hoping to stay there full time. Oh, well. Plus a few other disappointing, bubble-bursting things today that I don’t want to get into. Le sigh.

But, upon midnight tonight, the 100 Days of Summer are officially over for this year, to return on May 24 of next year for Round 7. Also, at midnight tonight, Science Village turns two years old. 😀

This has been Day 100 of the 100 Days of Summer, Round 6.

Grocery Store

July 14, 2006

So I’m at Safeway this morning picking up a couple of things for lunch before I head on over to work. The grocery store is surprisingly busy for 7:30am. Not packed or anything, but a few dozen people I’d say. It’s more evident since so early they only have one cashier open. And there’s always a long ass line.

Ever see this crap? You’re standing in this long line waiting to buy like two items, and the cashier, the only cashier, is taking forever. Sometimes it is his/her own fault. Other times it’s the customer being a dumbass. It’s usually the cashier, though. Either way, you glance over and see like five employees just standing around chatting. Your line is reaching practically to the back of the store, and these assholes are just clucking away mindlessly at each other.
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The Fifty Fifty

July 12, 2006

It is July 12.

Tonight at midnight is the famed halfway point of the 100 Days of Summer.

High noon. Halfway there. The peak. Fifty days gone, fifty to go.

Now, looking forward, the downward run. Down, down, down, until at last it is August 31.

Well, since I’m not in school anymore, it has lost a bit of its mystique, but meh. Tradition is a tradition, it’s cool on its own by now. So let’s just say counting down to the second anniversary of Science Village, on September 1. Remember Science Village? Shit, I have to get on that. Oh, well.

Midnight tonight, fifty days to go.

Oh, and if my great-grandfather were alive, he would turn 120 today. Hehehe. It’s also the birthday of a friend of mine from college. Haven’t seen him since then, but he turns 26 today. Happy Birthday, man!

This has been Day 50 of the 100 Days of Summer, Round 6.