Candidate for the Camps

January 27, 2008

I hereby decree…

Don’t vote for Mitt Romney!

So what’s my problem with him? He’s a Republican? Don’t care about that. He’s a Mormon? REALLY don’t care about that. He’s against medical marijuana? Pfft, not a priority for me. So what’s so wrong with him?

The man who has been his biggest fundraiser until recently? Robert Lichfield. Do you know who that is? Go to a search engine and look up the name, and see what you find. If you don’t feel like doing that, then he’s the man in charge of an organization called WWASPS, which is a collection of many “schools” and “camps” around the country where “troubled” teens are sent to be straightened out.
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Anyone Said No?

December 29, 2007

So I was looking at one of the little political polls they have on Facebook these days, asking various questions about what people’s stances are on issues. One of them I saw was “Can a woman President be as effective as a man?”

While significantly lower than those who said Yes, there were quite a lot who said no! Perhaps one out of every seven respondents said no.

You mean people like that actually still exist? I mean, I can understand people saying no specifically because they don’t like Clinton, but that wasn’t the question. It was just in general, if there were anything inherent about all women that made them unfit for presidency, some way that isn’t an issue for men.

President must have a penis? Something about that determines how the commander in chief handles foreign policy and other important matters? Something about having a vagina hinders this?

I don’t get the logic. Feminism has come a long ass way, but there is so much more that must be changed still. Can’t people just learn already? It is exhausting giving the human race any credit and being so continually disappointed.

Hillary Clinton et al

October 8, 2007

Just one question for her. Who the hell does she think she is?

I’m talking to her. I’m talking to Tipper Gore. I’m talking to Elizabeth Dole. I’m talking to the rest of their ilk.

Women in power, awesome. But these women in power? Fail. Women like them make all women look bad.

What the hell is your big problem with youth culture? Or youth in general? It seems every time you open your mouth, it’s to decry the “horrors” of video games or music or the inevitable irresponsibility of young people. Even your daughter called you out on that crap!
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Votes for Sanjaya

April 19, 2007

No, I’m not making a hypocrite out of myself after the Don’t Watch It entry. I only even remotely know what was happening on American Idol because Grandma had it on the kitchen TV and Galen has been participating in phony voting because he does everything Howard Stern tells him.

Anyway, this isn’t really about American Idol. It’s more about voting in general, and I think the issue with this Sanjaya guy is an interesting example of a situation where one wonders just what counts as a “right vote” and a “wrong vote”. Or perhaps a “real vote” or a “fake vote”. Even if it’s a voting system for a silly reality show, it’s still a voting system.
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Third Party Thought

January 12, 2007

While I admit to occasionally jumping on the whole “third party votes are a waste” bandwagon, I’ve given it some more thought and realized that, well, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

It supports the idea that the whole point of voting is so you can be like “yay, I voted for the winner!” rather than for whom you actually want to win. Granted, most of America doesn’t know enough about the candidates to make any kind of informed decision outside of hoping they picked the right one (and to think they don’t want the voting age lowered because youth are too immature!).
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L-L-Lay Off D-D-Dubya

January 3, 2007

Now for a political, oral version of…


Okay, believe it or not, I’m actually about to defend the president, George W. Bush. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t vote for him. I’m not for this “war” or the Patriot Act or for really any of his policies for that matter, although chances are there might be some here and there I might agree with, but not nearly enough for my support.

So, enough of the part where I tell the liberals to get back in their seats and extinguish their torches, time for some pwning.
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I Voted!

September 12, 2006

I’m not very political. I despise the news. I have no idea what’s going on here or anywhere.

But, damn it, as today got closer and closer, I got all excited and jumpy. “Iwannavote! Iwannavote! Iwannavote! Iwannavote! Iwannavote!”

Hehehe. And I did!

Sort of. Machine screwed up when they tried to enter me and get my card, so I had to fill out the damn thing on paper, as a provisional ballot. Bastards.

But at least I voted.

Who did I vote for? Who cares? Picking a candidate is not all there is to voting. Sure, it may be the whole point, but it’s not all there is. Voting is picking candidates, but, often more importantly, it’s about kicking the government in the shins now and then saying “Don’t you fucking ignore me!”

Right Doesn’t Make Right

September 6, 2006

And now, for a high and mighty, hawkish session of…


You know what I’m sick of? Conservative bloggers. Liberal bloggers suck, too, but I feel like boring into the right wingers for the moment. Aw, hell, all bloggers suck for that matter. But beside the point. 😉

Every once in a while I surf through some blogrolls to see what other random jerks with internet connections are saying. Conservative bloggers are a special breed, I must say. A hell of a lot of them, but special nonetheless. They have a lot of basic characteristics.
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MySpace Is Still Stupid, But You’re Just Insane!

May 11, 2006

Touched on this once before, no?

Paid my daily visit to One and Four just a bit ago. Saw there the same thing I saw a few minutes earlier in my e-mail. This. MySpace, the stupid yet innocent megasite for people to meet and interact with other people (as much as you really can via the written word on a screen anyway), is considered such a danger to youth by almost exclusively folks who never use the Internet let alone that website that politicians are planning on making a federal law that schools and libraries prohibit anyone under 18 from accessing the site on their computers.
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Taxing Tax Thought

March 19, 2006

People don’t like taxes. Taxes are necessary, though. Sure, there’s a lot of stuff various people will tell you our tax dollars should not be spent on. Whatever. Locally, we need taxes to fund police, fire department, roads, schools, hospitals, libraries, and a whole myriad of other stuff we’re quite glad to have and wouldn’t want to do without.
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