Alex in Style

November 28, 2007

We awoke yesterday morning to learn that one of our beloved Washington Redskins had died. Rest in peace, Sean Taylor. 🙁

But under the Washington Post pages about the fallen #21 of our hallowed NFL team, news which has shaken the DC area quite a bit (seriously, those of you who don’t live around here wouldn’t understand, the Redskins are serious business!), is a profile article in the Style section meant to give hope to us all, especially our young friends.

It’s called Age Is Just a Number: Youth Rights Advocate Tries to Break Down Barriers to Adulthood. And it is featuring our very own NYRA and our very own Alex Koroknay-Palicz!

Click that link and read it. Then come back here for more comments. I’ll wait.
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Lost Six Days!

January 14, 2007

And now, for a furious, data-loss induced edition of…


I refer to web host, UN Site Solutions. They don’t host this site, but they host NYRA. You know, it’s always a damn problem with them! We keep having major server issues, lots and lots of downtime, and occasional lost data. Then today I get on to find we lost EVERYTHING since January 8!

They don’t back things up as often as they should. This is not acceptable! We lost important e-mails. Important message board posts. Important member information. Everything!

Not to mention they are really fussy about CPU usage crap that other hosts don’t care about. It’s irritating as all hell.

Plus, lately we’ve been having a problem of threads disappearing on the NYRA forums. No idea why. None of our tech staff knows why. UNSS certainly doesn’t know why. Despicable.

And they tend to lock IPs out of being able to access their hosted sites, for no reason.

Just sick of it. We pay them ridiculous amounts of money to host us, and they do this crap all the time. Sad thing is, they’re still better than the host we had before.

I Met Chip

December 2, 2006

That’s right, folks. Today, I met NYRA forums crazy guy Chip Sinton. Also known as Sudburykid.

Chip is cool. He’s so cool that everyone else looks so not cool next to him.

It was like an early Christmas present to meet the famous Chip.

Oh, and he bought us food, which also rocks.

Chip kicks ass.

Okay, Chip, there’s your requested entry. 😛

That Was Close

August 12, 2006

First entry in like eleven days. Of course, there’s reason for that. Judging from the last entry, you might get the impression I was about to, you know, go somewhere. And I did!

Anyway, last Wednesday, I flew out to California for the NYRA Annual Meeting. Had an awesome time. Then this past Wednesday night, I flew back on the red eye. Landed at Dulles early Thursday morning. You know, I had just barely missed all that heightened security crap. Wow. I’m still in awe at that. I did not fly out of California a second too soon.
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Hey, NYRA! What’s Happening?

February 22, 2006

These days, in the National Youth Rights Association….

-It has come to our attention that Chris Batchelor has a hand moisturizer addiction. We of course wish Chris the best in overcoming this. It’ll be difficult. For a while, he will endure the constant, life-threatening torture and injury of somewhat dry hands.
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Pet Store

December 30, 2005

(The following took place on December 1, 2005.)

I walk on by this cute little Gaithersburg pet store, and what should I see on the door but an orange cardboard sign reading “Children under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times. Thank you.” So, naturally, I expect an explanation for this, what with my mental ageism detectors going off and all.

I go right into the store and wait a bit until the employees, or at least ones I could readily identify as employees, were no longer busy with customers. Got to be polite, you know. It’s rule number one. I looked at the cute puppies for a little while until the employees were behind the counter, not with a customer, and not on the phone. Good. What with waiting for them to be available (and getting my own cell phone call while waiting, so I had to leave the store to worry with that), I began to worry I’d back down. After all, I’ve never had much of a confrontational nature. Nope. I was determined now. Or, well, not so much determined. Just set on it for the moment.
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