Songs about Bears and Birds

May 4, 2008

So the other day I was looking at the MP3’s on and was on the page for the Barenaked Ladies. Among their usual songs and all I spotted a song called “The Other Day I Met a Bear”. I listened to the 30 second sample and it seemed to be a song about a bear, sung by that same voice that sings about breaking into apartments and liking sushi because it’s never touched a frying pan. Then I looked to the side and saw the name of the album it’s from: For the Kids.
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Proprietary Fail

January 18, 2008

Lately, I’ve been thinking I should move away from free music downloading. There’s the fear of unsafe files, sure, as well as thinking I don’t need to be doing it. But I’m sick of buying CD’s. I hate buying a whole damn CD for only a couple of songs, and the other songs all suck, and seeing as whenever I get a CD I just load up all the songs from it onto my computer, and I just put the actual CD someplace on my shelf. And I’m running out of room!
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That First Part of Carmen

October 7, 2007

Is there some rule that every single movie must advertise using the prelude of Bizet’s Carmen? Oh, yes, makes the movie sound all adventurous and crazy. Fail.

Click that link and scroll way down to know which music I’m talking about. It’s also the music used in Tetris when you’ve gotten a high enough score to get that scene with the Kremlin where it’s launching stuff up to the sky.

It’s also my ring tone. Hehehe.

It’s Always “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

May 28, 2007

I hereby decree…

It’s always “Smells Like Teen Spirit”!

Always. No question. No doubt. Hell, was probably true before the song even came out. Whenever a radio station is doing a big ass top some-number list of greatest alternative rock songs (provided it includes the 1990’s, if it were just this decade, it MIGHT not be on there, but no guarantee on that), then Nirvana’s famous “Smells Like Teen Spirit” will be number one.

So, yeah, DC 101 just did a huge ass Top 500 list this weekend of “greatest alternative rock songs of all time”. I didn’t even know they were doing this until yesterday, when they were in the 140’s or something, but ever since all I could think was “Smells Like Teen Spirit” will be number one.

And it is. Just now finishing, actually. No surprise. #2 was Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”. #3 was Nine Inch Nails’s “Closer”. Then a bunch of other stuff.

DC 101 will post the full list on their website tomorrow, apparently. I’ll be there to snatch it and check out the whole thing, and post it here for you. I’ll link to it, but knowing them, it’ll only be up for like a day. I’ll immortalize it here with some notes as to which songs are awesome and you should like along with songs that suck and you should hate. Got it?

What do I think of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”? On one hand, sounds like teenage stereotypical crap (maybe, I’m not sure if anyone actually knows what that song is about). Don’t know. But, shit, if fucking Paul Anka covers it (badly), you know it’s made some headway!

Speaking of long ass lists, I still have the top 500 songs WHFS (who is no longer around, which sucks, they’re a fucking Maryland legend!) compiled at the end of 1999 of best songs of the 1990’s. Yes, of course, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is number one. I’ll post that list, too. Why not? 😀

This has been Day 5 of the 100 Days of Summer, Round 7.

Christmas Songs

December 23, 2006

They’re awesome. For the most part. There are also some pretty terrible ones. They suck.

Oh, what are some nice ones? Carol of the Bells is great. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear is pretty. The First Noel isn’t bad at all. Deck the Halls is fun. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is cute. Up on the Housetop!!! Oh, and The Little Drummer Boy rules.

Both Away in a Manger and O Little Town of Bethlehem each have two entirely different tunes.
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Story of a Song

December 22, 2006

What did I do today? Got off work early because of the holiday. Sweet. Where did I go? Home? Nah. Not yet. There was something else I wanted to do first. Rode a couple of buses to a small Mediterranean food store on Randolph Road called Asadur’s Market.

I was in the store ten years ago today, on December 22, 1996. During that visit something special happened, a special event I cherish to this day, even if rather trivial at a glance. But I don’t care. It matters to me.
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The 63-Inch Pianist

December 7, 2006

Did I ever tell you that one? Nah. I don’t tell people everything about myself. I just let some things come up as they come up on their own. So people who know me learn little known facts about me during the course of knowing me. Makes it more fun.

Little known, seldom mentioned fact about me today? I play the piano.

Well, these days, I play only during Christmas time. I played earlier this evening, but only because nobody was home. Because I’m just that bad at it.
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Music Elitists

November 20, 2006

And now, for a musically stifling session of…


Here’s yet another pack of society’s dregs. People who, for whatever dumbass reason, will strictly limit themselves to liking or even listening to a specific kind of music. There’s a bunch of these for every imaginable genre. They only listen to Baroque period classical. Maybe they refuse to listen to anything other than Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. For some, if it was made before 1997, it sucked. There are others who will only listen to The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton. Perhaps some denounce anything that isn’t 1980’s techno.

Whatever. You get the point (if your IQ is at least in the double digits, which is doubtful).
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February 7, 2006

I was walking around in Best Buy this morning, pawing through some CDs looking for something I might like. Can you believe that for the most part right now, I’m actually quite satisfied with the music I have? Amazing. So, anyway, I was glancing across the shelves, and my eyes fell upon something I just could not comprehend.

A Tribute to N’Sync.

Are you fucking kidding me?!


And on another pop culture related note, I’m quite pissed now. Up until today, I was able to proudly tell people that, no, I have never heard that Gwen Stefani song “Hollaback Girl” or whatever it’s called. Damn Best Buy intercom music.


January 13, 2006

I hereby decree….

All music CDs must come with the complete and legible lyrics to every song on the disc.

Because, damn it, I’m so sick of finding CDs that don’t come with them.

It’s like, I buy a new CD. I play it. Good stuff! Now maybe I can finally find out what the hell the singer is actually saying in that great song! Oh, no! I take out the cover slip from the jewel case to find… no lyrics! Instead, I often find some pictures of the band or some nonsense phrases written in it (which aren’t in any of the songs), or maybe just copyright info and acknowledgements. Yes, because I really give a shit that the bassist would like to thank his parents for his success.
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