Loooooooong Flight

August 17, 2006

So yesterday one of my coworkers was saying that she’s going to India next week to visit her family. She hadn’t booked a flight yet so she and another coworker were looking online for flights to Bombay.

My own flight just a week ago was still fresh in my mind. My five hour flights to and from Oakland (it was a lot cheaper than flying in and out of SFO). Nervously, I asked her, “So, um, how long will your flight be?” And to that she replied “25 hours.”

Holy hell! 😮
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That Was Close

August 12, 2006

First entry in like eleven days. Of course, there’s reason for that. Judging from the last entry, you might get the impression I was about to, you know, go somewhere. And I did!

Anyway, last Wednesday, I flew out to California for the NYRA Annual Meeting. Had an awesome time. Then this past Wednesday night, I flew back on the red eye. Landed at Dulles early Thursday morning. You know, I had just barely missed all that heightened security crap. Wow. I’m still in awe at that. I did not fly out of California a second too soon.
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Pack It

August 1, 2006

And now, for another well-traveled, space saving edition of…

Here’s to You!

So I raise my glass and say “Here’s to you, suitcases!”

Allow me to specify. See, I’m getting ready for a trip across the country. So I pulled out my wheeled suitcase that my aunt gave me as a graduation present three years ago. Dusted it off and opened it up. Damn this thing as a lot of pockets. I remembered it did, but there’s like zippers everywhere. And even more hidden zippered pockets inside those. And even more in those! Goodness.
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July 10, 2006

And now, for a rather stop-and-go episode of…

Here’s to You!

So I raise my glass and say, “Here’s to you, Ride On Route 47.”

It’s rather odd I’m toasting this bus route since I could swear it is out to screw me over. So often when I’ve taken this bus, its schedule works so out of synch with another bus I may be taking before or after it. Usually it leaves where I’d get on it like five minutes before my previous bus would arrive there. Oh, and it’s never late. All the other buses are often a minute or two late, but not Route 47. That is, unless I’m waiting for it and am in a hurry. THEN it will be either late or totally skip the run! Grrr.
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Moral Dilemma

April 14, 2006

So I was on my way home from work today. I got on the bus and set my jacket and bag down on a seat while reaching into my pocket to get some change to pay the fare. While getting the necessary dollar and quarter, I look at the seat next to my bag, and what should I see, but a bus transfer. For today. Good until 8pm. If I just took it, and pretended I had just pulled it out of my bag or something, I wouldn’t have to pay and would get a free ride!
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Route 55: Rockville Station to ???

January 4, 2006

Since I have no car, I have to ride the bus to work every morning. Pretty decent county-wide bus, although I hate how it takes me like an hour and a half to get to work when the ride would be at the most five to ten minutes if I were driving there myself. But, beside the point.

I tend to be a bit tired in the morning. Sometimes when taking the Ride On 55 north to work I would drift off for a couple of seconds. One day, I was asleep for a full several minutes. I woke up well before I needed to get off, so there was no problem. So, when I got to work, I mentioned at lunch time to my coworkers that I had fallen asleep on bus that morning. I said the same when I got home that evening to my grandmother.
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