This Is Christmas

December 16, 2007

It’s nice to have moments throughout the holiday season when you can truly feel the spirit of it. I had one of those today. I went to see my friend from college, and her husband and infant son, and a couple of their friends, for the usual monthly game day.

There I was standing with them in their kitchen. She was baking cookies along with her housemate. We randomly started singing “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and then “Let It Snow”.

In their living room, the Christmas tree was up (and they had a rather interesting ornament on it, of a half-naked Santa Claus with a ball in his mouth and strapped to a couple of giant candy canes, LOL!), and they had a string of lights long their ceiling edges.

And we sat their playing games and listening to twisted Christmas carols.

Mmmm. ‘Tis the season. Christmas time with nice people. Love such moments.

Made it even nicer when I saw on their table they had received the NYRA holiday card I’d sent them. Hehehe.

It’s a Wonderful Life

December 14, 2007

Holy crap, what an awesome movie. It was just on NBC, so with all the ads, it got stretched into three hours. Hooray for writer’s strike! Take off all the crappy sitcoms and just play Christmas specials every evening! :cute:

In a strange sense, it’s kind of pro-youth. You’ve got this young George Bailey guy always determined and always willing to do the right thing, even at his own expense. Even when just 12 years old, saved his brother from drowning which made him half deaf, he yelled at that old Potter guy defending his father, and stopped his boss from poisoning a kid by mistake even though he doesn’t point out the error before he gets the shit slapped out of him. Everyone around him is screwing up, so it’s up to him to be the solid one, the responsible one, the rock.
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Jesus Is Love

December 10, 2007

For obvious reasons, this is the time of year I’m the most pious. All the Christmas songs, I suppose, being about Jesus and how great He is. The joy of His birth. Mmmm, nice.

As I mentioned several weeks back when ranting about atheists, identifying myself as Christian tends to confuse people. They’ll come up with all sorts of stereotypes and presumptions about my character, as well as what my exact beliefs must be. And when I say that my personal belief system does not align with what they’re telling me Christians all are supposed to believe, I get to be told that I either don’t understand my own religion or I’m not really Christian.
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Slim Santa

December 9, 2007

So I was just downstairs spending time with grandma (out of guilt since her 80th birthday dinner was this evening and I missed most of it for a NYRA board meeting) and the news was on. Yeah, that usually gives me something to gripe about. Here’s what it was this time.

A bunch of mall Santas are being made to slim down. We all know Santa Claus is supposed to be fat, but then all the “health experts” have decided to chime in and say that a fat Santa is a bad influence and glorifies poor diet.

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December 8, 2007

Last weekend, I finally bought a string of sequencing Christmas lights. Last night, I got them out of the box, plugged them in, and watched them flicker and flash! They were plugged in and sitting in a pile on my lap. Weird!

So I strung them around my window, which is right next to my computer. A little awkward and half assed, but still cool looking.

But I mentioned this already last year in Lights Please. Colored sequencing lights are win.

Except I had to turn them off after a while because they were giving me a headache and making me nauseous, LOL. Bah! :irked:

This is the exact same type string we had many years ago at our house. It was put on a small tree in our front yard. And my dad, my sister, and I could never agree on a flashing setting! I wanted it on Chasing Flash, but my sister wanted it on Twinkle Flash. I forget which one my dad liked, probably Combination. There’s eight settings total.

Except this string I just got is faulty on one of the settings. The one called “Slo Glo” is supposed to be each color fading in and out, but it doesn’t work like that. It’s just a random bunch of lights on the string that fade in and out, different colors. So not much different from Slow Fade, which is all of the lights fading in and out at the same time. Which is kind of boring.

This tells me that I’m not prone to seizures, at least. 😆

ZOMG! Christmas!

December 4, 2007

You know that feeling when the holiday spirit finally plops into you like a shiny festive ton of bricks? Awesome!

Today, at work, I decorated my desk area. Well, it’s actually up front in the reception area. On Saturday, I had gotten a little red tree with red lights and some red and green garland. I lined the garland along the edges of my desk, and set the little tree on a little table by the door. Only thing is the electrical cord is shorter than Galen’s dick, so I couldn’t move the tree very far from the outlet. Still looks all pretty.

Now with a festive work area, it dawned on me. Christmas is coming! And we all know what that means.

ZOMG, lights! ZOMG, tree! ZOMG, cookies! ZOMG, presents! ZOMG, songs! ZOMG, Christmas specials! ZOMG, decorations!

ZOMG, Christmas, ZOMG!!!

Oh, man, I love this time of year! Who couldn’t? Soulless losers, that’s who!

Wait, isn’t Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on tonight? Oh, yes, it is! Sweet!

Island of Misfit Toys. What can I say? It just speaks to me.

Snow Globe

December 1, 2007

Alright, just like last year, doing a new entry every day in December!

Let’s start with something rather odd I saw today. I was at Target and was looking at their Christmas decorations. In the back row, there were a bunch of snow globes. In these snow globes were your well-known Christmas characters, like Santa and reindeer and other cold-climate animals.

Except one of them contained… Darth Vader.

He was holding a list of names, the names being Star Wars characters. Luke, Leia, Obi-Wan, Han, Chewie, and other “good guys” were crossed out, while all the bad guys weren’t.

It was a musical snow globe. I wound it to hear that it played… Winter Wonderland.