Samurai Sudoku

March 16, 2006

Holy fuck! Look at this thing. And I thought Sudoku was nuts (and deliciously addicting!). Yet I open up the Comics 2 section of the Sunday Washington Post, and there’s this big-ass Sudoku grid. Not the normal nine by nine. There’s a nine by nine in the middle, and the three by three grids in the four corners are each corner three by three grids of another nine by nine! It’s five Sudoku nine by nine grids in a crazy looking numerical four-leaf clover. Wow, dude.

*takes out pencil*

Let’s rock! 😀

(This post brought to you by “oh, shit, so many days have gone by and I haven’t made another post yet”.)

You Learn Something New Every Day!

February 11, 2006

So I was just over on checking out definitions for stuff. In one definition, I saw the word “virgule”. I had no idea what it meant, so I looked it up. Cool! It’s a slash when writing, specifically for things like “and/or”. Didn’t know that thing had a special name, but okay.

Then I came to the etymology of the word and discovered the following:

“Virgule” (or rather, Latin “virgula”, meaning “little rod” or, vividly enough “little penis”)

Hahahaha. Nice.

That is all. Now go entertain yourself elsewhere until I post again.

Males Owns

January 24, 2006

Here. Read this. It’s an LA Times article.

(And when/if that link goes bad, I’ve mirrored it here.)

Should I bother saying that Mike Males kicks all kinds of ass, or is that a given?

I’d so love to get a hold of one of his or other pro-youth books out there. I could use the youth rights ammo! I could use the caulk to patch holes in my arguments.

But, well, getting back to the matter at hand, let’s have a look at the aforementioned article.
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