Lucky Thirteen

August 31, 2013

Once more, it’s been ten days times ten, and here we are in yet another…


Alright. So Round 13 is just about in the books. Let’s review.

Day 1, fourth day on job. Yay employment!

Day 9, “Screw work. Let’s build a fort!”

Day 19, worst sushi ever… but with Victoria!

Day 25, fun day of baseball, pizza, and video games with little brother!

Day 28, what is that thing hanging outside the walk-in freezer anyway? “If you stop moving, it starts chirping. If you still don’t move, it starts screaming. And they have to come drag your ass out.” … Gulp.

Day 30, charades party!

Day 41, potluck! I’ll bring pasta!

Day 42, I saw two ‘splosions from the soccer field.

Day 43, same work, different facility. Also, Nationals!

Day 44, aw crap, apparently it is possible to be pulled over for speeding on I-270.

Day 45, meh, I wasn’t going to, but I guess I’ll run for NYRA board again.

Day 49, ah, a training, lots of those little man-down devices. Holy crap, LOUD!

Day 50, calling ageist sushi restaurant to protest ageism!

Day 59, I’m being pulled over again?! What the hell for? … Tail-gating. Really?

Day 64, I have to… go into the walk-in freezer. Gulp… Okay, I can do this… LIKE A BOSS

Day 66, off to WES to confront them about their ageism in a roundabout way… LOL I scared them a little bit. Sweet. Anyway, I think I’ll head to Brookside… OMFG what happened to the lake?!?!

Day 69, a whole damn morning in the walk-in freezer! It’s braving the Canadian winter all over again.

Day 72, it’s not Annual Meeting day but it’s close. First meeting some Snipers in Baltimore for lunch. Then back to DC for dinner with Alexander, Kathleen, Pam, and Victoria!

Day 76, LOL Kathleen’s drunk. Therefore, ageism seems to keep requiring prayer.

Day 79, so this lovely snake really wanted to meet Kathleen and the sheep…

Day 80, at a women’s art museum whose work should be renamed “what is this I don’t even”

Day 81, up at damn four in the morning! To take Kathleen to airport. Off to San Francisco for her! … I’m so tired.

Day 82, this might be a good place for the Annual Meeting. Though it’ll be pricy. Hmmm.

Day 88, oh, this is a much better spot for the AM. Also FREE.

Day 92, ha! I got to turn on one of them man-down things. It’s not that scary.

Day 98, okay, this Annual Meeting webcam thing is being tested out and seems like it’ll work.

Day 99, grabbing some snacks and getting ready. Also, snow crab legs.

And finally…

Day 100. Also, Annual Meeting Day! Though not a lot of people expected. Got to MLK Library and waited for arrivals, rather slow morning trying to drag a youth rights conversation along, then Chipotle for lunch, then back to library into reserved meeting room. And webcam transmission is a go! Five NYRAnians in DC connected with seven more via webcam. What fun! Then Chinese food for dinner, and then all done rather earlier than usual. But it happened.

And here I am afterward, recapping the past three and a half months, balacing family, friends, organization, and new job.

As these 100 Days of Summer draw to a close, I wonder what will become of all of these things and more. As I do each year. Wonder what new things will be encountered, with four months left to go for 2013.

So with that, the 100 Days of Summer is done for the year, to return on May 24, 2014, in whatever shape the world is in then.

This has been Day 100 of the 100 Days of Summer, Round 13.