The Difference a Y Makes

December 22, 2012

So, in response to Sandy Hook, the National Rifle Association came out and said words.

On one hand, you’d hate to be them right now, immediately after an incident where everything they stand for just feels especially evil.

On the other hand, what the NRA does end up saying is some stupid shit.

They’re calling for ARMED GUARDS in every school. So in response to one guy with a gun going into a school and shooting some little kids, let’s have every school have a guy with a gun who has a lot more access should he decide to do the same! Genius!

Oh, and they blamed violent video games.

So, basically, guns don’t kill people, but video games do! Of course!

You know… personally I don’t feel very strongly about gun rights either way, but if this is the thought process of those who choose to carry deadly weapons around, I’m thinking there’s something to this whole gun control thing after all!

2 thoughts on “The Difference a Y Makes”

  1. I’m strongly in favor of the right to bear arms, as laws against possession of weapons do not stop crime since those who are willing to commit crimes won’t care if it’s illegal to own a weapon, so such laws only disarm victims. However, I believe that the NRA’s response to the Sandy Hook incident is bullshit. Placing restrictions on children (and those who aren’t actually children but are treated as such by our ageist society) is not an appropriate or effective solution to a crime committed by an adult. And even if the shooting was carried out by a child (or not-so child), that still doesn’t justify restricting the rights of all children (and not-so children) just because they happened to have been born around the same time as the criminal.

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