November 23, 2012

So I’m watching some new Peanuts TV special called “Happiness Is a Warm Blanket”, which is about, of course, Linus’s blanket, and the pressure he’s under to give it up and stop carrying it everywhere. It’s the typical “you’re too old for that, stop being a baby and give up the habit already”.

Fuck you, why should he?!

He’s not hurting anybody. Nor is any other kid who maintains some harmless habit or attachment despite being technically “too old”. Then again, some of those things can be creepy. The blanket is not one of them.

I myself had a cherished blanket when I was little. There are even pictures of me wrapped in it as a newborn. Never been Linus with it, carrying it everywhere or anything like that, but I liked it a lot.

And yet… where is it now?

Right fucking next to me, that’s where! :doitnow:

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