#16tovote on the 16th – Typical

December 16, 2011


12:00am, the 16th: Introductory “yay it’s #16tovote on the 16th!” tweet along with link to Top 10 Reasons to Lower the Voting Age

12:02am: tweets some basic voting age point to get things started

12:10am: trying to think of another voting age tweet, comes up with crap

12:15am: finally just tweets link to recent voting age news article, if one’s available

12:30am: facepalms at Max’s “#16tovote or I’ll chop off your dick and shove it down your throat” tweet

1:00am: manages to tweet some good stuff, perhaps a couple tweets and/or retweets from regulars

1:30am: can’t come up with anything else for night but stays up late with it for some reason

2:00am: finally tweets link to NYRA voting age page or something from the downloads section, to get people through night

2:30am: goes to bed, ready to get up and get to work nice and early to resume

9:00am: swears loudly for having overslept, throws on clothes and leaves house

9:30am: gets to work, posts “good morning!” tweet

10:00am: posts some brilliant points that go ignored since no one’s paying attention this time of day

10:30am: retweets stuff posted from the sciville account night before

11:00am: other than Silver Fang retweeting everything, nothing much else, tweeting whatever voting age crap I come up with

12:00pm: midpoint! tweets NYRA-SEFL’s old voting age ad

12:15pm: can’t come up with anything to tweet after the voting age ad

12:30pm: says screw it and tweets that dumb picture where I wrote a #16tovote tweet in Ocean City beach sand

1:00pm: some jerk trolls #16tovote feed or at-replies us with bullshit, is ignored

2:00pm: tweets Usi’s awesome Supreme Court speech video

2:30pm: tweets something about student rights, perhaps how lower voting age would eliminate school paddling

2:35pm: some asshole pipes up saying school paddling is sometimes needed, is ignored

3:00pm: “Thanks, everyone! Once again, Top 10 Reasons to Lower the Voting Age!” a la SNL announcing second performance of musical guest

3:15pm: Alexander Cohen tweets same six #16tovote tweets he does every month

4:00pm: some more regulars start coming in

5:00pm: think about heading home, yet still tweet some more

5:30pm: get stuck on points about consent of the governed

5:45pm: head home

6:00pm: get inside house and to computer, tweet again NYRA-SEFL’s voting age ad, a la SNL announcing second performance of musical guest

6:30pm: Alex remembers it’s the 16th, over 18 hours into it, and only then (if at all) posts about it on Facebook

7:00pm: posts Alex’s famous Huffington Post article refuting Ann Coulter’s asshattery

8:00pm: thanks people for participation, says it’s been great, maybe posts link to voting age page again

8:45pm: realizes hasn’t tweeted in 45 minutes, tries to come up with something, comes up with crap that somehow winds up widely retweeted

9:00pm: reposts Usi’s Supreme Court speech, a la SNL announcing second performance of musical guest

9:30pm: tweeting slows, tweets sarcastic bullshit from sciville account

9:45pm: someone tweets stupid question about a #16tovote tweet, not bothering to see answer to it was tweeted earlier, is ignored

10:00pm: bugs Galen to finally participate since I see him tweeting other things, he finally does, but inappropriate for retweet from NYRA

10:30pm: Alex finally remembers it’s the 16th despite this having been going on a while and finally shows up and tweets something

10:31pm: facepalms because Alex can never seem to remember that starting a tweet with someone’s username makes it so that tweet can only be seen by those following that person

11:15pm: realizes again I went a long time without tweeting anything, bleh

11:30pm: announces there’s half hour to go, to give it a big finish

11:40pm: bunch of people only just now realize the event’s going and retweet lots of stuff

11:55pm: gives my final remarks, whatever crap I come up with based on whatever got tweeted earlier, cranks out some eloquent sounding closing speech

12:00am, the 17th: it’s over, I breathe sigh of relief, start counting number of participants and recording rest of #16tovote tweets

12:20am: post several tweets thanking participants, then announces the next one will be – you’ll never guess! – the 16th of next month! yay!


12:00am, the 16th: Introductory tweet, calling this run a Saturday Edition or Sunday Edition!

3:00am: decides to finally go to bed despite sparse tweets, intends to get up early next morning to get back to it

11:00am: crap, I overslept! rushes back into it

12:00pm: tweets voting age ad

The rest is about the same.

For youth rights. For NYRA. *brandishes fist*