March 22, 2011

It’s Best

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How can anybody possibly have a problem with breastfeeding?

Every now and then I hear about some mall or museum or whatever that kicked out a mother for feeding her baby in public. Even if that doesn’t happen, there are still other people who flip their lid over it for some reason. “Oh, noes, that horrible woman is exposing her breast and a baby is sucking on it!”

Hey, idiots. What the fuck do you think breasts are FOR? They aren’t sexual organs, outside of exhibiting some sensitivity and reactions to arousal. But then again, so does most of the body. To your stupid self, the mother is exposing a shameful sexual part, but to the baby, she’s allowing him/her access to FOOD. How would you like it if people got pissed at you for eating in public? And, hell, some people’s eating habits are way more gross than breastfeeding could possibly be (not that breastfeeding is disgusting at all, mind you). But you’re not anywhere near as likely to be asked to leave for chewing with your mouth open as a new mother is for nursing her baby. Hell, if you’re eating some nachos near me, I’ll be gagging on the smell of the cheese. That I would find disgusting. Much rather a breastfeeding mom were near me than you. But in that case, I would simply get up and move away to where I can no longer smell the cheese. Like you should do if you’re so bothered by how a little baby is eating.

Then you get the ones who are worried about their children seeing a woman breastfeeding her baby…


Weren’t those children breastfed themselves? I should hope so, since mother’s milk is not only free but way better for the baby than formula, though there are of course cases where the biological mother is either not present, whether because of death or adoption or whatever, or she simply is unable to produce milk, which happens. Most of us were. I mean, yeah, it’s creepy to think about it when we’re much older, to look at our mothers and think “wow, I sucked on her nipples for sustenance for the first several months of my life”. But that’s what those nipples are for. That’s what’s natural. So are you really going to tell those children they shouldn’t see a baby being fed because the way they were fed at the beginning of their lives was wrong? Or, if they were denied it, and probably because of some qualm about it in this case rather than simply being unable to get it, you’re telling them the natural way babies are fed and what they were denied is evil somehow. A mindset that is infinitely more disgusting than a woman feeding her baby from her own body could ever be. Though, again, not that the latter is all that disgusting at all.

And, hell, that kid already spent most of a year sitting inside you, having gotten in there because you had… sex… and after that was born out of your… vagina… but I guess the baby feeding from your nipples, oh well, that’s just crossing the line!

But, nah, seriously, if you personally do not want to breastfeed your kid, that is of course your choice. I’m not one of these types who thinks you’re evil if your 4-year-old is weaned already*, or that those who can’t produce must make themselves do it anyway or get someone else’s breast milk. That’s a bit extreme. I’m also not interested in acting like breastfeeding is “OMG it’s the most beautiful thing in the world!” Not really. It’s pretty normal and mundane, really. No, if you’d rather do the formula and bottle thing, fine. Your choice. But if someone else is making the choice that breast is best, and even does so in public, STFU and look away if it bothers you so much. Remove yourself from the situation entirely because your own mind is the only place where what’s going on here is perverse. Then everybody’s happy.

* = seriously, though, don’t breastfeed a 4-year-old. :scared:

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