Meet Mohammed

April 22, 2010

Hi, everyone! Just thought you’d like to meet someone very special. Say hello to…

Mohammed! The Prophet of Islam! That is who this extremely crude drawing is meant to represent. Anyway, what kinds of things does our friend Mohammed here like to do? Let’s have a look at a few ways he spends his time, shall we?

Looks like Mohammed is out taking a walk through a park on a lovely sunny day! What a great way to clear your mind of all the nastiness the day can bring us. What else?

Ah! Just like all of us, here’s Mohammed the Prophet of Islam out shopping for some groceries. He’s standing there by the produce, looking to find good stuff that isn’t rotten and wondering if he wants the conventional vegetables or to spring for organic ones.

A hard working prophet with billions of followers sure needs to relax now and then! So here is Mohammed just chilling out at the bar with a frosty cold beer. Maybe he’ll join Moses in a game of darts a little later.

Here’s Mohammed helping out the community by giving a speech in a classroom. He’s teaching the students all about the importance of freedom of speech and religion, and the evils of censorship and of forcing one’s religion on another. Mohammed the Prophet of Islam is a guy who believes in tolerance and equality!

Now Mohammed is at the home of his good friends, the Silversteins, who have invited him over to join them in their Passover seder! Mohammed enjoys eating the delicious meal and celebrating with his friends.

Awwww! It seems our friend Mohammed has been thinking about the attacks of September 11, 2001, and he seems to be very sad to think of all those people who died on that fateful day. He sheds a tear wishing all the senseless violence would stop, that all the hatred could go away and we could all live in harmony.

Alright, Mohammed! Here our prophet friend has joined in a feminist protest, holding up his own sign, demanding that women are not inferior to men, that we get equal pay, have full reproductive rights, and that there be a swift end to the horrors of sexual assault. That’s what Mohammed believes!

And finally, Mohammed is just sitting down at his laptop, randomly surfing the web. Then Jesus IMed him with a link he should check out, and Jesus LOL’d, as it seems Mohammed has now been tricked into watching 2girls1cup.

6 thoughts on “Meet Mohammed”

  1. Crude though they may be, your drawings of Mohammed are better than Galen’s drawings of Alex.

  2. The A-Rab thing will not protect you when they come for your infidel head. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Jesus, that prankster! Hehe!

    I like this Mohammed better than the one the extremists seem to like so much. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. “Maybe heโ€™ll join Moses in a game of darts a little later.”

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