Cut to the Chase

December 16, 2009

And now for a Christmas miraculous edition of…

Here’s to You!!!!

So I raise my glass and say, “Here’s to you, NYRA!”

For today, after several weeks of toiling and bugging the crap out of everyone for votes in some Facebook contest sponsored by Chase bank, NYRA has met with success. Amazing, breathtaking, miraculous success on this December 16, 2009, nine days before Christmas and 6th night of Chanukah…

NYRA has won $25,000.

For so long, we’ve been a small-budgeted organization, weak next to bigger stronger organizations who can run big ass campaigns and hire staff who aren’t starving to death. For so long, we’ve had members who wanted to help out but didn’t know how and we didn’t know what to have them do. We’ve always been great at keeping ourselves afloat during adversity like a cork in the bath tub, but we’ve still been seemingly without direction and without a future.

Perhaps God showed us mercy. What is known is that all our people had to do was vote for us. What with it not costing anything and being very straight forward instructions, it had a recipe for success. What is known is that, somehow or another, we built our miracle at last, through Keith’s incessant calling of members, through Alex’s exhausting tabling, and the invaluable efforts of our other members, who all came together, believing that this could be done.

We built this Christmas miracle. Or Chanukah miracle, as Hal suggested, seeing as it is Chanukah right now and a lot of our members are Jewish. It wasn’t just handed to us. Well, the opportunity arose, but it took us, all of us, our determination and efforts, and we made it happen. We waited all day today for the results to get posted, biting our nails nervously, worrying it may all have been for naught. And then, around 6pm, Alex got the e-mail. And then, we found the miracle we had been building up had happened, had shown bright before us. Shining bright the future of the youth rights movement that merely six months ago we thought may just be a pipe dream. Shining bright for us to walk into and build it up together.

3 thoughts on “Cut to the Chase”

  1. First of all, Mazel Tov to Hal for the Hanukkah miracle comment.

    Second of all, TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!!!!! Now, we are a real organization. This shows a unity unparalleled in NYRA History. We all came together for a miracle, and between ourselves, each other, perfect strangers to the org, and yes, possibly some help from up above, we’ve brought NYRA to a new level.

    Now, we can run campaigns, not just small events. We can advertise with greater legitimacy than simply a single commercial that takes 2 weeks solid to advertise. We can end so many of the Pop-Tart jokes and bring Alex into decent living. We can disocver ageist laws and potentially petition to end them. We can get a greater amount of staff, figuring out a greater way to make what we already have grow. And grow. And grow. And grow. And grow.

    Our dream for the future of youth is stronger than I’ve ever imagined it. We have Alex to thank for it. We have Keith, Hal, and you, Kat; the established leaders of YR. We have Jeff, Steve. Jackie; the future of the movement. And we have all the little people like me.

    Youth Rights! FUCK YEAH! :dance:

  2. Thanks, Ryan.

    I’m just…completely bowled over. Ten exclamation points wouldn’t be enough for this.

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