Brian Loves Lois

March 23, 2009

So for perhaps the billionth time, the Family Guy episode “Brian in Love” was on the other night. From the second season, the episode begins with Stewie allegedly having a problem peeing all over the house, and no one believes him when he denies it. We soon learn it’s actually Brian the dog doing it involuntarily and allowing Stewie to take the blame. This is revealed when he pees in front of them at a supermarket, so he is sent to a psychiatrist after it’s apparently determined the problem isn’t physical. The shrink suggests Brian go out and see the world, which he does and the problem seems solved! But Stewie’s annoyed for taking the blame before, so he pees all over the house for real, and sure enough Brian takes the blame, and he laments that he doesn’t even remember doing it. So he returns to the shrink where Brian mentions a time Peter and Lois were getting romantic with each other, so when Brian describes Lois some more after the shrink asks him to, the shrink tells him it means he must be in love with her, and when Brian denies it, the shrink says “who are you trying to convince, me or you?” at which point Brian is convinced it is true. So he tries to come on to Lois, and fails miserably, but Stewie notices what’s happening and decides to troll him with it by pretending to be all affectionate with his mother. Brian decides he’d better confront Lois, and she picks up on what’s happening and tells him their friendship is great and there’s no reason for anything more, and Brian seems satisfied with that.
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Smack My Bishop

March 20, 2009

Bishop Excommunicates Mother and Doctors of 9yo Girl’s Abortion


Basically, a 9-year-old girl in Brazil was raped by her stepfather, and she got pregnant with twins. Doctors determined she wouldn’t be able to survive the pregnancy so they had to terminate it to save her life. Even to prolifers like me, sounds reasonable. Rape and the mother’s life being on the line are generally the exceptions to the “abortion is wrong” idea, and this is clearly both. Unfortunate, yes, but obviously necessary, and honestly, there is just all around nothing whatsoever fortunate about this situation.
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