New Window

April 4, 2008

I hereby decree…

Open it in a new window!

Holy crap, I haven’t written an entry in a while! Oh, well, here’s a new one. Be happy.

You know what pisses me off? Sometimes there’s a program on your computer that for some reason or another needs to go to a webpage. Perhaps to download an upgrade. Whatever.

Oh, did I mention you already had your browser open because you were in the middle of reading a page on the Fortress and admiring its awesomeness? Yeah.

So you click the link in the program to bring up a browser window with the page it must visit. But you see no new browser window. You are confused.

And then you realize.

The stupid program made the page open IN THE BROWSER WINDOW YOU ALREADY HAD OPEN! :doitnow:

What the shit?!

What the hell is the purpose of that?! No, don’t open in a new window in a nice unobtrusive way, a way that doesn’t interrupt anything you might already have going. Just move the page you’re already on into the other page.

Go die in a fire.

5 thoughts on “New Window”

  1. IE7, FF, and Opera all have tabbed browsing, I believe. Why not just open a new tab? Middle click, bitches.

  2. This would just open in a tab you’re already using. And with such links from system programs and not on webpages, there tends to not be an open for opening in a new window or tab.

  3. Actually, Firefox has a setting (IE probably does, too) to make any pages opened by other programs appear in new tabs. It’s very helpful. Go to Options: Tabs, if you’re using Firefox. (I think that’s the right setting.)

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