Holy Week, Batman!

March 17, 2008

It’s that time of year again! It’s the week of the first full moon of the spring, yet it’s a somber week of reflection on, well, just how nasty humans can be. But we try to better ourselves, and prove it by giving things up for Lent, I guess. A meatless Good Friday ensues, followed by a cautious Saturday, and a joyous Easter Sunday as the day of bunnies and eggs and Zombie Jesus.
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A Tale of Two Newarks

March 11, 2008

Yesterday around 10am I got into my car and headed out. Got gas at the nearby station, stopped by the Starbucks near it and got me a blueberry muffin and a venti white mocha (I flipped off the Dunkin Donuts in the same shopping center while walking back to my car with it). Realized I needed cash, so drove a bit to my credit union. Finally, around 10:45am, got on the damn road!

Good ride up I-95. Got to around Baltimore, following my Google Maps directions. At first thought I was going the wrong way since I’ve been by Baltimore zillions of times but the road seemed different. Well, I was still on course anyway, just got caught in a small backup. Went under Fort McHenry tunnel and paid a toll. Five dollars! Grrr.
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