Language of Coffee, Addendum

February 28, 2008

Alright, I’m ranting about the same thing twice in a row. I must be out of ideas! Or I just have more to say the subject. Whatever.

As I’m writing this, I’ve got a venti (that’s right, venti, suck it, Dunkin’ Donuts) white mocha next to me, nice hot tasty drink on a cold day like this! While in Starbucks, I thought some more about the ridiculous ads Dunkin’ Donuts is running. Seriously, you’ve GOT to be majorly mindless to not understand the menu! That “your mouth can’t form these words”. What is this, the 1950’s? I mean, if anything, those ads are running at least a couple decades too late, if their whole campaign is, as I said a couple days ago, that Starbucks is bad because their menu isn’t American enough. Despite the fact that Dunkin’ Donuts’s menu isn’t THAT different.
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Language of Coffee

February 24, 2008

Now, for a caffeinated, beany version of…


Someone shoot whoever made those mind-numbing Dunkin’ Donuts ads with all the idiots looking at what they’re implying is the Starbucks menu with a bunch of weird sounding names, and acting like they can’t understand what it’s saying. “Lulz, is it French or is it Italian… or perhaps Fritalian?”

First of all, it’s Italian, morons. I don’t know where you’re getting French from.
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Mmmm, Candy Hearts 3

February 14, 2008

Oh, Lord, I seem to have a V-Day tradition on here now! Me, of all people! 😆

Anyway, just like the last two years, I’ve got some relationship-related griping to do. It’s something I’d been thinking about recently, and it comes down to one thing about them that is annoying as hell and I just don’t get.

Why the hell does it have to be so complicated?
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The Toilet Seat Thing

February 11, 2008

And now, for a relieving, bathroom edition of…


OMFG! Shut your goddamn traps already, men AND women, about the stupid toilet seat argument. Chicks complaining it gets left up. Guys complaining about the chicks complaining.

New guest rant over on SnipeMe just got me thinking about this. Why do so many people find this worth their time to worry about?

Want to know what it is? It’s no different from any other household issue where something is not closed after being used or otherwise returned to how it was before use. Like if someone left a cabinet open after getting a cup.
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What Have They Done to It?!

February 6, 2008


So I was at Best Buy earlier this evening and looking at this laptop I’m thinking of getting. Laptop runs Windows Vista, which I hadn’t really looked at properly before. So I stood there and moved the cursor around and checking out various stuff. Ick, I don’t use laptops much so I’m not used to the touchpad thingy for the mouse cursor.

Anyway, a mandatory stop, I went to see what the Vista version of Minesweeper is like. I already knew from a while ago that it would be different. How different?


Smilie face is gone! The squares are now blue, though it looks like you can make them green. Okay, that much is fine, though being without the smilie face is a knock.

Mine field difficulties are about the same. When you hit a mine, it shows them all like normal and then they all explode, heh. And then what happens? You have the option of restarting the exact same mine field! Weird.

And apparently you can save your game.

They ditched the high score board more or less.

And there seems to be an option of changing the mode of the game from Minesweeper to something called Flower Garden. Flowers instead of mines?! Oy.

And Sevens and Eights are kind of a maroon color. I think.

Vista Minesweeper confuses and angers me!

Or maybe it was just me being a n00b with the touchpad mouse cursor. Something like that.

But they should have kept the smilie face! :irked: