Auld Lame Syne

January 1, 2008

First off, Happy 2008!

Anyway, being New Year’s Day, I’ve been thinking of the sheer stupidity circulating around eight years ago. When we went from 1999 to 2000. Everyone all like “ZOMG! New millennium! The world is going to end!”

I was seriously ashamed to be even affiliated with the human race back then.

First of all, that wasn’t the new millennium. We went into this millennium the following year, going into 2001. Going into 2000 was just a drastic change in the numbers, which, yeah, is an unusual occurrence.

Then there was the “scare” over the so-called Y2K bug. I might also mention that “Y2K” is among the stupidest terms I’ve ever heard in my life. You don’t sound cool. You sound like a douchebag.

Oh, no, all the computers will melt and bombs will go off after midnight on December 31, 1999! Sure enough, not a damn thing happened.

What are we left with now? Having to be reminded of this ridiculousness whenever we watch reruns of our favorite shows. The Simpsons’ 10th Treehouse of Horror, the third segment was about this crap. Family Guy had one. Drew Carey show had one where they were preparing a bomb shelter. King of the Hill had one. Did these show writers stop to think that in a few years, this would all be physically painful to watch? Even back then, with these shows airing new, and all the stupid commercials alluding to the “end of the world”. That life as we know it will change once the clock strikes midnight and it is January 1, 2000.

Even though it would be cool, it’s times like this I hope I don’t live to be 117, since I’d have to see this stupid shit again when we cross into 2100.

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