The Pin Is On

November 22, 2007

That’s right, everybody. It’s Thanksgiving and past noon, so you know what that means.

It… is… Christmas Time!!!

Which means at noon, my put on my traditional Santa Claus pin which I wear everyday from Thanksgiving until Epiphany. Since this is the earliest Thanksgiving can be, then, yay, extra long Christmas time!

But we can first enjoy Thanksgiving. Lovely holiday. Based entirely around eating. That’s a win in my book. But, like with all holidays, some people just have to gripe.

I’m so sick of these morons who whine that Thanksgiving is a sign of disrespect to Native Americans. No, the events that followed were disrespectful to them. The first Thanksgiving itself was about togetherness and all that crap, so that is what is being celebrated. Quit whining that its origin was less than ideal. Shut up and eat some turkey, loser.

Who cares how it began? What next, are we going to stop celebrating Independence Day because it’s offensive to the British? Or stop celebrating Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day because it’s offensive to the Germans, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Iraqis, or whoever else we’re fought wars against? Should a kid whose mother died giving birth to him not celebrate his birthday because the original event was so awful? When you focus so much on any bad stuff about the origin of a celebration, and use that to cover up any good of it, well, what’s the point? You’re not rectifying a past bad event. You’re just sacrificing present day joy, and I don’t see any reason to do that.

Just eat your turkey, watch the Dallas Cowboys lose (here’s hoping!), and fall asleep from all the poultry.

And that’s another thing about Thanksgiving I’m sick of. Everyone thinks they’re so smart and knowledgeable of biochemistry because they’ve simply heard of tryptophan. Thing is, half these people don’t really even know what tryptophan is. I hear them calling it a drug or a hormone or something dumb.

Tryptophan is an amino acid, one of the 20 (or more) different ones that are the components of proteins. It’s just that chicken and turkey muscles’ proteins contain a particularly high quantity of tryptophan molecules in the peptide chains, and this increases a release of serotonin, and THAT is a hormone that makes you sleepy. Learn biochem, n00bs.

That aside, Thanksgiving is win. Turkey is yummy. Stuffing is yummy (I had my annual task of tearing up bread for it last night!). Cranberry sauce is yummy.

And, of course, Dallas sucks.

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