Interrupting Waiters

November 15, 2007

Now for an exquisite, tableclothed edition of…


Yeah, it’s right there in the title. Interrupting waiters. We all know it’s annoying when you go to a restaurant, and the waiter seems to disappear for a while and you’re hungry and want to order. Well, the opposite is also really irritating. Waiters who don’t leave you the hell alone!

Imagine you’re at a restaurant with a friend. You guys are chatting and enjoying yourselves, only for dumbass waiter to come over and interrupt your nice talk with “how’s it going? everything okay?” I mean, not even taking an order or anything, probably after the meal arrived. Whatever. So you say “we’re fine, thanks” and hopefully he’ll scram before you forget what you were about to say to your friend.

Only for the waiter to come back only like five minutes later and ask the same dumbass question. “Is everything alright? Can I get you anything else? How about some coffee?”

STFU, n00b! What a tempting thing to say, except you know better because if you piss him off, next thing you order will have a disturbing ammonia flavor. So you just have to grit your teeth, again say “no thanks, we’re fine”.

And it’ll happen again a few more times.

Yeah, this did happen to me a few times. Specific incident was about a year ago, and I was at a local Greek restaurant having lunch with a friend on a Saturday afternoon. Granted, there weren’t all that many people in the place at the time, so the waiter was probably bored, but still! I was trying to talk to my friend about something important, or at least the conversation steered toward a subject I was quite interested in. Only for the moron to come on over and decide to interrupt and ask if we needed anything. By the time he went away, we’d kind of lost our train of thought in the conversation. And the subject was changed. Grrr.

I mean, it’s common courtesy. It was obvious we were busy talking. If we weren’t talking, then fine, come over and bug us. But when we’re clearly immersed in a conversation, then go away, asshole!


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