November 12, 2007

So I’ve been kind of sort of shoe shopping since my six-year-old Skechers are getting rather torn up. And you know? Haven’t had much luck.

When it comes to shoes, or any sort of apparel I choose for that matter, I prefer something to be as all-purpose as possible. The way I normally dress passes for work and doesn’t make me look overdressed when in casual settings. Plain but nice shirt. Black pants. Same accessories I wear all the time (earrings, cross necklace, youth rights wrist band, WWJD wrist band, 10-year-old digital watch, 11-year-old glasses).

I briefly mentioned in the Scanty Costumes entry the difficulty I used to have when shopping for clothes. Well, while it’s not as difficult as it used to be, I still hit a few trouble spots. This has happened now with shoe shopping.

I haven’t gotten new shoes yet. Sure is hard to find decent ones! Was looking for Skechers again since these ones have lasted so long. Well, regardless of brand, so hard to even find the style I’m looking for. The ones I have now are boots. Water proof (or at least they were originally, hehe). Grippy. Comfy. Quiet.

True, it was only this past Friday I realized just how torn up these shoes are, and only real attempt at shoe shopping I’ve made since was earlier this evening, but still.

What the hell is up with women’s shoes? Who the hell wears heels? Well, almost all women, I guess. Except me. Fail heels are fail. Everything has this spiky little heel. How do you walk in those things? Why do you walk in those things? Get a normal shoe in which you don’t have to do a ridiculous little balancing act. It doesn’t make you look sexy. I do have a pair of dress shoes that I’ve had for many years, and only need to wear about once a year at the most, and they have a nice wide heel. No stupid little spike.

And that’s another thing. Is there some rule that dress shoes cannot be comfortable? All other shoes can be easily made to be nice and comfy without aesthetic expense, but what is up with dress shoes? Always have to be tight? Always have to have absolutely no shock absorbance whatsoever? Seriously, back when I was temping and I’d be going to an interview, one of the rare instances that required me to wear the damn things, I’d wear my regular shoes on my way there (back when I was taking the bus, so lots of walking!) and have the dress shoes in the Rand McNally tote bag I always had with me. I’d change shoes outside the place, go in for the interview, and change back afterward.

Sandals fail as well.

I used to wear tennis shoes but that was more with shorts, and I haven’t worn shorts in years. I wear long pants year round now. Why? Well, maybe I’ll tell that story some other time.

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  1. ZOMG, you wear long pants because you cut yourself on your legs instead of your arms, don’t you?

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