Let Them Not Eat Meat

May 27, 2007

You know what I’m sick of? The stupid little “controversy” over vegetarianism. Everyone has their own little ridiculous assumptions every which way, and they’re all so dumb. So let’s get a few things straight.

For one, people choose to be vegetarians for a LOT of reasons. It doesn’t always have to do with said vegetarian not wanting to kill animals, dumbass. Could be a religious thing. Could just not like meat. While recognizing that the meat is “already dead”, could just not like the idea of eating animal flesh in general. Could be all sorts of reasons.

Yet you anti-vegetarian assjockeys just want to whine about how vegetarians are forcing animal rights propaganda down your throats!

No they are not, buttmunch! You’re thinking of PETA. PETA does not represent vegetarians. PETA is an insult to anyone who so much as considers eating a garden salad instead of chili. They’re a bunch of hotheaded losers who’ll shoot a video of a whole cow being dropped alive into a giant blender and act like that’s how the meat industry slaughters cattle. They’ll skin a live housecat and pretend that’s where the fur on your fur coat comes from. They’ll slice a live monkey in half and say that’s what researchers do to them. PETA is so fucked up that they commit the atrocities they are decrying and doing so in a way that is much crueler by several orders of magnitude than how slaughterhouses, fur workers, and lab researchers do things. PETA is a bunch of fucking nutjobs (who, sadly, are doing a hell of a lot better than NYRA, sigh). Vegetarians are merely people who don’t want to eat meat for whatever reason.

And there’s another thing. Just what is so wrong with vegetarians? Why do we even label them? Ever thought about how fucking stupid it is to call people out because of their fucking eating habits? Do we have a label for people who don’t eat any dairy? How about people who don’t eat any breads (i.e. low carb dieters)? None that I’ve heard of. Strange considering they’re telling a whole food group to get bent just as much as vegetarians. So tell me. What’s so fucking horrible about the fact that someone won’t eat meat?

Are you afraid vegetarians will make it so you won’t be allowed to eat meat? That’s a pretty stupid fear. Again, you’re too mindless to tell the difference between a simple vegetarian and a PETA activist. A normal vegetarian will not give a shit that you eat meat. He/she won’t be trying to make you stop or call you a murderer. Sure, there are some crazy ones out there, but that’s true of any group. The fact that your herbivorous friend there is not having any pot roast is NO different from you not having any mashed potatoes, fuckwad.

Then there’s what I go through now and then when I’m at an Italian restaurant and have one of my favorite dishes, capellini pomodoro, which is basically angel hair pasta with tomatoes. No meat unless I specifically request it, but I usually don’t bother. Now and then, I’ve had a family member notice this and say something brainless like “wait, there’s no meat in that!” Makes me want to say “yeah? there’s also no chocolate covered raisins in it, what’s your point?” Are some people SO insecure about the mere existence of vegetarians that every single meal must be jam-packed with meat? Maybe my family is just weird like that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are others that do that same basic thing.

I’m not a vegetarian (though I’ve considered it, or at least being just piscivorous, like every day is Ash Wednesday or Good Friday, I just can’t give up seafood!). But I see no reason to shun them and cast them off as odd members of society. Anyone who thinks so is a mouth breathing fuckface who deserves a slow death.

This has been Day 4 of the 100 Days of Summer, Round 7.

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  1. Hehheh. Yeah. I don’t do any of that. I just say, you’ve gotta kill to eat anyway. May as well kill everything.

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