Don’t Xmas Him Out

December 16, 2006


Are you people freakin’ kidding me? On my way to the mall today, my bus went by this Baptist church, where its marquee read “Jesus is the reason for the season. Don’t Xmas Him out.”

What?! :dubious:

Should I even bother to point out these people clearly do not know, well, anything? Yeah, Xmas is not some ploy to remove the Christ from Christmas. The X stands for Christ, you assjobs!

While I’m at it though, I’ve torn into the Pagans for bitching about Christmas. I’ve torn into idiots whining about materialism. I think it’s time for a special pwning session for the morons who think Christmas is too secular.

Okay, Jesus is the reason for it. Fine. And what is Jesus? Peace, perhaps? Love? Kindness? Togetherness? Sounds like the sort of things He likes.

But you people are too busy complaining that everybody is forgetting about Jesus. Oh noes, Christmas is getting too secular! Nobody remembers what it is about. Eek!

Shut up, morons. Christmas is about Jesus, always has been, always will be. Your problem is it isn’t about Jesus in the way you think it should be.

What is Christmas? Peace. Love. Kindness. Togetherness. Oh, look at that. The same damn thing I just said Jesus was. Imagine that!

You know how you know this is true? For one, there’s an added bonus to the conglomeration of Pagan symbols in the holiday I didn’t mention in that rant back on the 4th. No, Christians aren’t stealing Pagan stuff. We’re bringing them into our celebration of peace and love, part of the whole togetherness thing.

Christmas isn’t just for Christians. Hell no. My Hindu coworker is all excited because she just got her first Christmas tree the other day. She loves Christmas. Obviously she isn’t too much into the specific Jesus stuff, but she loves the festiveness, music, lights, and all-around joy of the season. Which I really don’t think Jesus has any problem with.

Thing is, if you shove Jesus down everybody’s throats, then you only alienate people from a celebration that is about joy and togetherness. Counter productive.

Christmas is religious AND secular. That does not hurt it any, because they are both important in making it what it is. Religious is the spiritual origin and meaning. Secular brings people in and makes it more enjoyable even for those not interested in the religious aspects. Christmas has made its way around the world, even through non-Christian countries. The happiness and festiveness of a joyous event has spread all over. It is based through Jesus, yes, but it does not stop there. Through candy canes and presents and stars and blinking lights and wreaths and trees and Santa Claus and carols, Christmas, and therefore Jesus, has spread all around.

So, yeah, nobody is trying to “Xmas Him out”, you morons. Except maybe you. Trying to extinguish a great thing. For shame.

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  1. Cussing so much right before the holidays? I don’t know about you, but I’ve never breathed a single word of profanity. The furthest I’ve gone is ‘Bull’ ‘Sucks’ ‘Oh My God!’

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