No Website, No Sale

December 9, 2006

It is not that hard to get a website, people. If you’re running a business, making a website would be a very good idea. Customers can look at your information without having to actually call you or visit you.

It takes only basic HTML. You do not need to pay some company an assload of money to design your website, which would just look like prepackaged crap anyway. Get your own domain name, which you can do for only like eight dollars a year, and find some cheap hosting or use your own server, which many places have. It doesn’t take a technological wiz. It takes knowing basic math and how to spell and not being a moron. Do it yourself.

Those of you who have websites? Good. One problem. Put more information on it than your address! I can find that out from the yellow pages. What services do you provide specifically? What options are there? What do those options mean? Throw in some background info. Anything. Just be more than some lame ass pamphlet.

Get a decent website or you’re not getting my business, idiot.