Stroke of Midnight

December 31, 2006

And now, for an annual, champagne-soaked edition of…


So today is New Year’s Eve. It is the night people around the world watch the clock and when it strikes midnight, they cheer, get drunk, and try to sing Auld Lang Syne. Well, except for some people. People who irritate me to no end. So who sucks today? People who don’t stay up until midnight tonight.

And they get all cocky about it. “Oh, I didn’t want to do that. I was tired. I don’t need to do that. I’m better than you.” Whatever, loser.

So stay up tonight and watch the clock strike twelve. I command you! :doitnow:

On another note, I did it! I have made an entry every day of December now, as I promised. Thank God for Christmas. It has lots of stuff worth an entry. If I were trying to do this in like September or something, it would be much harder. Now I’m worried I won’t have much to rant about next December. Shouldn’t worry, though. There’s always something.

Oh, and go, Detroit Lions, for humiliating the Dallas Cowboys at home today. 😀

Coffee Please?

December 29, 2006

Now for a caffeinated, customer service lacking edition of…


Office Depot. They seriously suck.

So, at work, we’ve got this little single serve coffee machine with a bunch of little cups of coffee and tea that go into it. This one company supplied it for us, and, honestly, their service sucked ass. As does the coffee itself, but it’s all we’ve got. They got orders wrong. Orders got delayed. Major mess.

So then they get bought out by Office Depot.

And, if you can believe it, they are even WORSE!
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One Year

December 28, 2006

Now for a celebratory session of…

Here’s to You!

So I raise my glass and say, “Here’s to you, Eight Mine Fortress!”

That’s right, folks. Today the Fortress is one year old! Began with Sure, Why Not? entry This Is Eight Mine Fortress, Miscellaneous short story Crisis in the Pool, NYRA Tales song parody 88 Lines about 44 NYRA Forums Members, and Goodies Reposted list Top 10 List: Computer. And from there it went. Crowd pleasing. Pissing off self-righteous idiots. Opening Eights. Raising my glass in a toast to stuff that is awesome. Calling out stuff that sucks for how much it sucks. Sacred decrees. Chasing buses. All kinds of good shit.

So hang on tight. You’re in for another year. 😀

Not Over Yet

December 27, 2006

I hereby decree…

Christmas is not over!

Damn, you people are so quick to put all the ornaments and lights away. Just because you’ve already opened your presents and gotten sloshed on egg nog doesn’t mean it’s all finished and time to pack it up. Hell no. There’s another week and a half left. Really, its only purpose is leaving the decorations up, but, hell, why not?

It’s still Christmas until January 6, folks. I’m sure you’ve heard the classic carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas” a lot and wondered to yourself “what twelve days are they talking about?” Well, I’ll tell you what twelve days. It runs from December 25 to January 5. And January 6 is Epiphany, also known as Three Kings Day.

So, our decorations are STILL up. I’m STILL wearing my Santa Claus pin. Our tree is STILL lit. You are STILL a moron. That clear? Good.

Feast of Stephen

December 26, 2006

Good King Wenceslas looked out on the Feast of Stephen…

And all the other days it is. Boxing Day, too.

Not sure what these days are exactly. I’ll wander over to Wikipedia eventually and look. Meh.

Oh, let’s not forget good old Kwanzaa. Heard of it for years and I must repeat the question of that book on Futurama.

What the hell is Kwanzaa?

Yawn. Second Day of Christmas. Boring day, but still didn’t have to go to work. Coming down from the joy and excitement of the holiday. Oh, well. Still have “get drunk and stare at the clock” night coming up. 😉

Merry Christmas!!!

December 25, 2006

Not sure what to say, so I shot a video of me rambling in front of the tree.

Took forever to upload, but whatever.

It’s password protected so bots don’t download them and run out my bandwidth. They are huge files. You’ll need Quicktime to see them.

UN: xmas
PW: tree

This will only be valid for about a week, too.

And, yeah, there are two videos. For also included is the NEVER BEFORE SEEN video from last year’s Christmas!

But that’s my present to you. So rather than just reading my ramblings, you can see and hear my ramblings in my horrible voice. Enjoy!

Christmas Songs

December 23, 2006

They’re awesome. For the most part. There are also some pretty terrible ones. They suck.

Oh, what are some nice ones? Carol of the Bells is great. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear is pretty. The First Noel isn’t bad at all. Deck the Halls is fun. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is cute. Up on the Housetop!!! Oh, and The Little Drummer Boy rules.

Both Away in a Manger and O Little Town of Bethlehem each have two entirely different tunes.
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Story of a Song

December 22, 2006

What did I do today? Got off work early because of the holiday. Sweet. Where did I go? Home? Nah. Not yet. There was something else I wanted to do first. Rode a couple of buses to a small Mediterranean food store on Randolph Road called Asadur’s Market.

I was in the store ten years ago today, on December 22, 1996. During that visit something special happened, a special event I cherish to this day, even if rather trivial at a glance. But I don’t care. It matters to me.
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Southern Sun

December 21, 2006

Happy Winter Solstice!

The winter solstice is cool. No, I’m not a Pagan. I’m allowed to think the solstice is cool without being a damn Pagan! Nothing to do with any kind of religious belief. More of a nature appreciation thing. Where is the sun shining and not shining?

Meanwhile, poor Santa Claus is in the dark these days. Maybe that’s why he makes the journey. North Pole is too dark and depressing. Although that wouldn’t explain why he makes the journey at night where it’s dark everywhere else!

Penguins have all the light.

So every December 21, more or less, I like to go outside at noon to see where the sun is. Wherever it is, that is due south.

Damn! It was cloudy today! :doitnow:

On another note, I finished my Christmas shopping. I’m afraid to look at my bank account. Sigh. Oh, well. Nothing says Christmas like spending your entire paycheck on gifts for your undeserving family. 😉