Right Doesn’t Make Right

September 6, 2006

And now, for a high and mighty, hawkish session of…


You know what I’m sick of? Conservative bloggers. Liberal bloggers suck, too, but I feel like boring into the right wingers for the moment. Aw, hell, all bloggers suck for that matter. But beside the point. 😉

Every once in a while I surf through some blogrolls to see what other random jerks with internet connections are saying. Conservative bloggers are a special breed, I must say. A hell of a lot of them, but special nonetheless. They have a lot of basic characteristics.

The most obvious characteristic is a pushy yet dignified expression of support for the war in Iraq. One might be a cute little comparison chart showing how many American soldiers died in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam, as opposed to the comparatively few in Iraq. Whatever. Glad these people have such value in quality of lives over quantity, right?

If not that, there is invariably some post bitching about a recent anti-war event, be it a concert or a demonstration or what have you. “OMG, Green Day is anti-America!” So the hell what? “Oh noes! These kids are just believing whatever they hear from these liberal whackos and not thinking about the issues!” Funny. They’re saying the exact same about you, asshole. Who’s correct? Who knows? “They can’t do that! They’re not supporting our troops! They hate America! They should shut up!” No, you’re the one that hates America if you think their dissent should be restricted because you don’t like it. Read the Bill of Rights now and then. Yes, that thing has words on it. Did you know it isn’t actually a napkin?

Then there’s always the defense of the Patriot Act. The old “if you’re not guilty, you have nothing to hide” bullshit. Just because I’m innocent doesn’t mean I’m willing to let you go through my stuff and eavesdrop on my conversations, bitch. If these people supporting it think they have nothing to hide, then go right ahead and let people search your house searching for terrorists. See how much you like it. More importantly, see how much you’re wasting their time. But the point is, just because you’re okay with a breach of personal rights for yourself doesn’t mean everyone else is or should be. And your little “they only bother suspected terrorists” thing doesn’t fly. Basically just means “innocent until proven Muslim”. But I digress…

The War in Iraq, while their most common bitching point, is far from the only one. They like to complain about the media. Can’t fault them there. The media sucks ass. What’s their beef? Same as anyone else’s. Bias. “OMG, they’re twisting George Bush’s words around! Eww, why are they making Cindy Sheehan out to be some kind of hero? They like Michael Moore! They’re making the war look so much worse than it actually is! Why aren’t they reporting what Fox reported about Saddam having had weapons of mass destruction and worked with bin Laden? They’re misleading people!” My response to all this is just this.

That and Maddox already owned your asses on the subject anyway. Scroll down that a bit.

Conservative bloggers all seem to absolutely despise the ACLU, yet not one of them bothers to say why.

They also tend to complain about having little to no influence in politics where they live. A lot of these types live in New York City, California, Chicago, Washington DC, New England, and other heavily liberal areas. They complain that their conservative votes get massively drowned out by liberal ones. They whine that they are discriminated against because of their political leanings (while of course not caring about liberals who are so discriminated against in red states). And I get sick of hearing it. I just want to tell them “Be glad you even have the right to vote, dumbass!” You may complain that you’re being ignored, but you at least have the opportunity to make your voice heard, however seemingly mute. The same cannot be said high school students, whose only crime is youth. So bite me.

Interestingly, conservative bloggers tend to be pro-choice and not very religious in any way. Some are, but of ones I’ve seen, most aren’t. Could be wrong on that, though. But an interesting difference from the typical traditional religious conservative Republican.

These guys also seem to always have a severe case of the I-told-you-sos. And they show it at any possible opportunity. This just in: trace amounts of metal found in Saddam’s palace could be a tiny piece of what could potential be a weapon. “Ha! I told you so! Saddam had weapons of mass destruction!” A couple of Iraqis say they’re glad Saddam is gone but are living in fear now of the constant fights that are still going on. “Ha! I told you so! Iraqis are glad we’re there! They’re better off.” Insecure much? 🙄

Seriously, this could go on forever. Political blogs just suck. They do nothing but bitch and bitch and bitch about what the other wing is saying or implying. I just don’t care what they have to say. I can read enough sources and come up with my own political decisions. I don’t need whiny pundit assholes trying to do it for me.

After all, primaries are next week! Can’t wait to vote! I have no clue who I’m voting for yet, but can’t wait to vote! But more on that later. 😀

3 thoughts on “Right Doesn’t Make Right”

  1. Right on! …or should I say ‘left on’? And why can’t those conservatives just move to red states, if they can? I know a lot of them have money, and here they are bitching about being in NY or California or something. I don’t mind a few conservatives, like Andrew Sullivan (a gay Catholic conservative blogger), but the other ones drive me mad at times. There are a few right-wing bloggers I don’t mind, though…but usually they were my friends first, and none of the ones I like are extremists.

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