And Finally…

August 31, 2006


As these 100 Days of Summer draw to a close, I reminisce about the events during these past three and a half months. Not many events. Kind of boring actually. Aside from the San Francisco trip, of course. That rocked. Definitely the high point of the year.

Also, I wonder what these final four months of 2006 will bring. You know, other than “What the hell?! This year is over already! It just started!” Sigh. Getting older sucks. I’m 23 now. I’ll probably be 60 sometime next week. Time is fast.

This week has been creepy as hell. For one, buses have been acting weird. Lots of breakdowns and massive lateness. Odd. My sister acted kind of strange yesterday evening. Plus a few other phenomena that would take a long time to explain. Oh, and I just came back from dinner to find a tomato sitting on my keyboard. It was delicious. Mmmm…. unexplained tomato.

Furthermore, on this 100th Day of Summer, I seem to have a hit a wall. It’s like what little plans I had with my life these days have come to a sudden and indefinite halt. For one, I found out today my job will be ending in three weeks. Damn. I was hoping to stay there full time. Oh, well. Plus a few other disappointing, bubble-bursting things today that I don’t want to get into. Le sigh.

But, upon midnight tonight, the 100 Days of Summer are officially over for this year, to return on May 24 of next year for Round 7. Also, at midnight tonight, Science Village turns two years old. 😀

This has been Day 100 of the 100 Days of Summer, Round 6.

How to Be an Adult

August 30, 2006

We’re told from the time we’re really tiny that we want to be like the big, grown-up people. I was never entirely sure what exactly made adulthood so great or distinguished. Now that I’m in my twenties and seeing how people of all ages act (since when I was younger, any impression of adults I got was immensely filtered), I’ve learned a few things. To truly be an adult, you can’t just age. Many other changes must be made as well. So, for those who want to be an adult, just follow my simple guidelines below.
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Fine Programming on Fox

August 23, 2006

And now, an outrageous yet right-wing session of…

Here’s to You!

So I lift my glass and say, “Here’s to you, Fox shows!”

Oh, I know you’re all just about dropping your jaws and possibly your excrement at that. Oh, noes, I’m supporting teh eval Fox network! 🙄

If you pay attention, this is not about Rupert Murdoch or Fox News or conservatives or American Idol or anything like that. Although I do find it interesting that what I’m praising the network for is something not typically associated with conservatives.
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Loooooooong Flight

August 17, 2006

So yesterday one of my coworkers was saying that she’s going to India next week to visit her family. She hadn’t booked a flight yet so she and another coworker were looking online for flights to Bombay.

My own flight just a week ago was still fresh in my mind. My five hour flights to and from Oakland (it was a lot cheaper than flying in and out of SFO). Nervously, I asked her, “So, um, how long will your flight be?” And to that she replied “25 hours.”

Holy hell! 😮
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You Will Get No Sympathy from Me

August 14, 2006

Ever notice how when something bad happens to a kid, people tend to act like it’s the kid’s parents who are suffering so badly? Oftentimes this holds true even when said kid is grown up. I’ve fallen into this trap myself. My aunt has been having a lot of health issues the past several years, including various cancers and heart troubles. And so many of us worry about how my grandmother is doing through all of this.

I caught myself in it one day upon realizing it. Yeah, my grandmother is going through hell over it (which sucks since it seems like all nine of her children have always been in some major mess or another!). But, you know, I’d say it isn’t exactly walk in the park for my aunt, either! Sure, my grandmother gets sympathy for this, but about the same as my other aunts and uncles and my mom do.
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That Was Close

August 12, 2006

First entry in like eleven days. Of course, there’s reason for that. Judging from the last entry, you might get the impression I was about to, you know, go somewhere. And I did!

Anyway, last Wednesday, I flew out to California for the NYRA Annual Meeting. Had an awesome time. Then this past Wednesday night, I flew back on the red eye. Landed at Dulles early Thursday morning. You know, I had just barely missed all that heightened security crap. Wow. I’m still in awe at that. I did not fly out of California a second too soon.
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Pack It

August 1, 2006

And now, for another well-traveled, space saving edition of…

Here’s to You!

So I raise my glass and say “Here’s to you, suitcases!”

Allow me to specify. See, I’m getting ready for a trip across the country. So I pulled out my wheeled suitcase that my aunt gave me as a graduation present three years ago. Dusted it off and opened it up. Damn this thing as a lot of pockets. I remembered it did, but there’s like zippers everywhere. And even more hidden zippered pockets inside those. And even more in those! Goodness.
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