Gross, Dude!

March 27, 2006

I don’t do drugs. Let me just mention that right off the bat. I don’t need to do drugs. I’m quite loopy on my own under the influence of, well, nothing. However, I’m not about to condemn people who do. Well, the harmless ones like marijuana anyway. People who shoot up heroin and snort cocaine or whatever are just plain stupid.

Anyway, anti-drug folks just can’t get enough. They want random drug tests on teens. They want the strictest of measures put on teens by parents, under the guise of saving them from doing drugs (measures that all but out and say “Here, molest your kid, you’ve got the perfect opportunity!”). They want ridiculous jail sentences for even marijuana possession, sentences often longer than those for violent crimes. This is not right.

Then I came across this over on SSDP’s blog. Basically, the ONDCP, or Office for National Drug Control Policy (I think that’s what it stands for), has decided that rather than relying on surveys to determine just how much of the population uses drugs, they’d get some raw data themselves… from raw sewage itself! These guys plan on traipsing around the collected Fairfax County, VA, excrement and testing it for cocaine.


Oh, mercy! What a thought. The lengths people go to. Not enough that we’ve already gotten the Mr. Mackey “Drugs are bad, mmmkay” message ad nauseum. No. They’ve got to go into the sewers themselves. They’re just THAT desperate to advance their agenda. Whatever the hell that may really be.

And here’s the Washington Post article they got this from. God, I love being a native DC metro area resident. 🙄

2 thoughts on “Gross, Dude!”

  1. Thats hilarious, testing excrement for cocaine!! *laughing*

    I use drugs. I don’t need drugs, but they sure are nice sometimes!

  2. Every adult citizen of the United States has used drugs. The drug I am speaking of is, of course, caffiene.

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