Oh, You’ve Got to Be Kidding!

January 26, 2006

Hamas won?! Are you fucking serious?

Look at this shit! (Washington Post. Free registration required.)

There I was at work yesterday, and in the lab they’ve got NPR on all day, which sucks because I was basically hearing the same three news stories over and over and over. What did I hear? Exit polls say Fatah will win over Hamas. Good. Hamas is a bunch of suicide bomb happy morons.

And those suicide bomb happy morons were elected right in! Come on, Palestine! I realize Fatah is nastily corrupt and that this was basically a “pick your poison” scenario, but you’ve elected the very thing that’ll turn the rest of the world against you. Don’t give me that socio-economic crap or whatever good you thought would come from this in that respect. People who didn’t think you’re all a bunch of supporters of terrorists won’t even speak to you now. The USA and Israel won’t talk to you. You’re fucked. What did you do that for?!

I’m half Arab myself. My mother’s side of my family are Christian Palestinians. I’ve never been out there myself, but I’d love to some day. And that’s what scares me, too. Hamas is all militant Islamic. Are Christian Arabs screwed out there now? Sure, there’s parliamentary seats reserved for Christians, which is good. But who knows what’ll happen now. I mean, I don’t think Muslims are inherently bad or anything. I defend them quite a bit. But Islamists are another story. Imagine Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Fred Phelps with bombs and armies. Yeah.

Of course, on the other side of the coin, some good could come of this. I mean, since Hamas is in power now, it really makes no sense to USA and Israel to not even talk to them. Yeah, they suck ass, but talk to them anyway. Lots of other governments around the world suck ass, but we talk to them still. The good from this? Hamas might be forced to throw out the violence, although they say they won’t. Well, here’s hoping. Sigh.

Oh, fuck. I just realized I made a political blog entry. Damn it! I hate that.

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  1. Christian Arabs in the palestinian areas have it really bad. There are very few of them, and they have to conceal their religion lest they be accused of treason and strung up a flagpole in the public square. They hate Christians just as much as Jews. As Arafat once said “First comes Saturday then comes Sunday.”

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