March 16, 2008

Special Lists

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Entries with 10 or more comments:
Pesky Age of Consent Issue
MySpace Is Stupid, But Give It a Break!
I’m Pregnant
Hey, NYRA! What’s Happening?
Soccer Sucks
Alex in Style
As a Great Thinker Once Said, “You’re an Idiot.”
Children are a Burden
The Humiliated Teen
Learn English!
Chicken Fingers and PB&J
Spc Micheal Phillips
Above the Anti-Drug Influence
Service Learning

Firsts of their Category:
This Is Eight Mine Fortress (Minesweeper, Inside the Fortress, Random Crap)
Tiny Blogs (Rants, You Suck, Teh Interwebs)
Pet Store (Youth Rights, NYRA Happenings)
Route 55: Rockville Station to ??? (Going Places, What the hell?)
Ash Wednesday (The Occasional Godliness)
Make It Chewable! (Decrees!)
Want to Be Cool Like Me? (Check It Out)
Quick! I Gotta Pick a Major! (Quiz Results)
The Laser Pointer (Here’s To You!)
Hail to the Redskins!!! (Sports!)
Males Owns (In the News)
The Little Caterpillar (100 Days of Summer)
Your Right to Say It (Shut the Hell Up!)
Moving (Personal)
Hold Please (Christmas Time!)
Oh, You’ve Got to Be Kidding! (Assorted Politics)
Standard Disney Formula (Estrogen)
Now I Know You All Hate Eggplant (Foodz)
All I Wanted Was a Snack, Not More Ageist Piece of Crap (Idiot Box)
Lyrics (Musical Musing)
Cancer (Think About It!)

Longest Entries:
Alex in Style
For the Seventh Time
The Naked Double Standard
My Story
In the Beginning
Last Resort
The Failingest Day of Their Lives
Pet Store
Underage Drinking
Four Years Ago Today
Watching and Waiting
Replying to Dean
Olympic Parade
Notes 2008
That’s Round Eight
Representing the Demographic
A Fine Round Nine
Gate B38

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