January 3, 2007

Alphabetical List

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This is an alphabetical list of all (or most, depending on how recently I updated it, hehe) the Sure, Why Not? entries. 🙂


A Fine Round Nine
A Tale of Two Newarks
A Three-Dimensional Irritant
Above the Anti-Drug Influence
After Us
Aladdin and Two Genies
Alarming Elantra!
Alex in Style
Alex Is Back!!!!
All About Christmas
All I Wanted Was a Snack, Not More Ageist Piece of Crap!
Allstate’s Deficient Brain
Alphabetical List
The Amazing Ash
American Innocence
And Finally…
And So…
And This Is Sure, Why Not?
Annual Gift Man
Another Reason I Rule
Anyone Said No?
As a Great Thinker Once Said, “You’re an Idiot.”
Ash Wednesday
Athletic Apologism
Auld Lame Syne
Away Messages


Back Then Wasn’t So Great Either
Bad Home or None
Be a Victim Like a Good Little Boy
Been Saying That All Along!
Been Ten Years
Behind Every Bag of Chips…
Big Puzzle
Brian Loves Lois
Bumper Stickers
Buon Natale


The C Word
Can Hardly Wait
Can’t I Just Enjoy Myself?
Candidate for the Camps
Candy Bowl
Caring or Controlling
Car Is a Coffin
Careless Hyperbole
Carol Commentary
Cause for Alarm?
Cedric and Company
Ceiling Alex
Celebrity News
Cells a’Ringing
Chewing the Fat
Chicken Fingers and PB&J
Children Are a Burden
Children’s Art
The Choice Is Clear
Christian War
Christmas Songs
Christmas Tree
Christmas Voyeur
Climbing the Ladder
Coffee Please?
Common Decency
Couple of Comments
The Cratchits
Croatan 2009
Cult of Coercionality
Culture Is No Excuse
Cut to the Chase


Dallas Sucks
Day for Assholes
DC Curfew
Dear Pagans
Dear Redskins
Deathly Hallows
Delivery Exception
Dental Hygiene
Die Hippo!
Dirty Work
Doctors and Lawyers
Don’t Just Ban… BURN!
Don’t Make Me Over
Don’t Watch It
Don’t Xmas Him Out
Driving Is Not Probable Cause


Eek! People!
Eighth Grade Incident
Elusive 2009
The End Is Near
End the Innocence
English Privilege
Enjoy It How?
Evil Reagan
Executive Director’s Consort
Extreme Temps, Extremist Bullcrap


The Failingest Day of Their Lives
The Failingest Day of Their Lives 2
Fallible Family
Fandom Is Not Blind
Fearless 2011*
Feast of Stephen
Feel Alive
Feliz Natal
Feliz Navidad
The Fifty Fifty
Fifty Percent Capacity
Final Boss Defeated
Fine Programming on Fox
Firefox Rots Your Brain
Four Years Ago Today
Five Years Ago Today
For Children
For the Seventh Time
Founder’s Syndrome
Four Calling Birds
Frohe Weihnachten!
Frosty’s Acceptance
Frosty the… Puddle
Fully Developed Brain
fye on Them!


Gallaudet University Protests
Gate B38
Geography FAIL
Getting Better
Getting Kids Reading
Giant Inflatable Santa
Girls Love Pizza
Go Austria!
Gobbling Up November
God in School
Good Writing
Grocery Store
Gross, Dude!
Groundhog Day
Grown Up Christmas List
Guilt by Demographic


Hail to the Redskins!!!
Halloween Is Evil
Happy Chanukah
Happy Meal
He Shall Bring Us Goodness and Light
Hey, NYRA! What’s Happening?
Hey, Pensacola!
Hillary Clinton et al
Hold Please
The Holidays
Holy Week, Batman!
Home for the Holidays
How to Be an Adult
The Humiliated Teen


I Built That
I Have a Confession to Make
I Hope I’m Helping
I’m American!
I Met Chip
I’m Not a Doctor
I’m Not Deprecated! You’re Deprecated!
I’m Not Guilty, You’re Not Fat
I’m Only Half Arab
I’m Pregnant
I’m Sick of Hotel California
iPod for the Lose
I’ve Been Sniped!… The Good Kind of Sniped
I Voted!
I Win, Best Time Too
If You’re Using Firefox, This Page Looks Like Crap
If You Want It
Ignorance Doesn’t Make You Cool
In the Beginning
Inaction of Grace
Internet Dangers
Interrupting Waiters
Invisible Suite
Issue of Trivial Issues
It Came from Boca Raton
It’s a Wonderful Life
It’s Always “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
It’s Baaaaaaack
It’s Best
It’s Good to Be Queen
It’s Nobody’s Fault It Rained
It’s State-of-the-Art! (which, of course, means absolutely nothing)


Jesse Hunter
Jesus Is Love
Jokes That Need to Die
Joyeux Noel
Just Add Alcohol
Just Wait Five More Months, Dumbass


Keep Ringing
Kid Nation
Kids Are Welcome
Kids Aren’t Any Fatter Than Your Head
Kids at Christmas
Kids Don’t Live in Bubbles, Don’t Try
Kiefer Sutherland
Know Your Rights? Criminal!


L-L-Lay Off D-D-Dubya
Language of Coffee
Language of Coffee, Addendum
The Laser Pointer
Last Resort
Laziness Is Universal
Leaky Nose Is Leaky
Learn English!
Leave Them Kids Alone
Letter to Under-21s
Let Them Not Eat Meat
Libraries Are Silly
Lights Please
Like It’s a Decade After 1999
Listen Carefully
The Little Caterpillar
Little Drummer Warners
The Little Tree
Living on a Leash
LOL 2009
London Underground!
Long Expected Party
Loooooooong Flight
Lost Six Days!


Make It Chewable!
Making a Difference
Males Owns
March Forth!
Mary Magdalene
Master Bedroom Is 1337
Match Makers, Go to Hell
Matilda’s Rights
Median Occupancy One
Meet Mohammed
Meet the Snipers
Merry Christmas!!!
Milk or Water
Mmmm, Candy Hearts
Mmmm, Candy Hearts 2
Mmmm, Candy Hearts 3
Mmmm, Candy Hearts 4
Mmmm, Candy Hearts 5
Mmmm, Candy Hearts 6
Moral Dilemma
More Pure Stupidity
Mother Loving Crap
Mouths of Babes
Music Elitists
Muvico’s Modern Segregation
My Birthday
My Five-Year-Old
My Story
MySpace Is Stupid, But Give It a Break!
MySpace Is Still Stupid, But You’re Just Insane


Nah, He’s Alright
The Naked Double Standard
Never Work a Day
New Section!!!
New Scanner
The New 21
New Window
Nice Guys Are Dumbasses
Night Divine
No Chance in a Google Era
No Presidential Speeches for Students?
No Solicitors
No Sugar for Students
Not Again
Not a Good Day for Twins
Notes 2008
Not Just America
Not Over Yet
Not Worth It
No Website, No Sale
Now I Know You All Hate Eggplant
NYRA Holiday Cards – Fun Facts!
NYRA vs West Palm Beach


Obama Is Keyst-owned
Oh, Come On!
Oh, You’ve Got to Be Kidding!
Okay, Fine, You’re Gay, I Don’t Care
Okay, Now It’s Christmastime
The Old Lady
Old Songs Are Old
Olympic Parade
OMG It’s All Ones!
The One About Jesus
One Pill Makes You Poorer…
1000th Day of Summer
One Truth Prevails… Nobody Thinks Much of Americans
One Year
The Only Reason
Oppressed Eye Candy
Or, as I call it, Exploitation Theatre
Out of Context
Over Three Thousand Miles


Pack It
Participating in Life
Past Couple of Days
Pathetic Dumb excuse for a File
Pesky Age of Consent Issue
Pet Store
Phenylephrine Phail
The Pin Is Off
The Pin Is On
Plain Text Please
Play Ball!
Plight of Hope
Politically Incorrect Contraception
The Post of Christmas Presents
The Power of Disobedience
Pregnant Teen
Primary Prep
Proprietary Fail
The Proud Petless


The Quarter
Quick! I Gotta Pick a Major!


Random Entries
Real Men
Red Eyes Are Shut
Regarding a Dick and a Dropping Ball
Religious Identity
Replying to Dean
Representing the Demographic
Right Doesn’t Make Right
Rights of Ownership
Round 11 Complete!
Route 55: Rockville Station to ???
Russia, STFU


Same Day
Samurai Sudoku
Scanty Costumes
School Uniforms
Season’s Greetings from NYRA!
Second Verse
Secular Specials
Self-Sacrificing Saints
Semitic Cousins
Separate Worlds
Service Learning
Seven Deadly Sins
Shampoo Conundrum
She Was Supposed to Live Forever
Shine On
Sigma Sigma
Simpsons Nouveaux
#16tovote on the 16th – Myths and Facts
#16tovote on the 16th – Typical
The 63-Inch Pianist
Six Years Ago Today
The Skinny
Slim Santa
Smack My Bishop
Smile! You’re Speeding
Smooth as a…
Snow Globe
Snow Still Rules
Soccer Sucks
Solstice of Lights
Some Images
Songs About Bears and Birds
The Sopranos Finale
Southern Sun
Sparkle Sparkle
Spc Micheal Phillips
Spell NYRA
Spoke Too Soon
Standard Disney Formula
Stem Cells
Stigma of a Preteen’s Preference
Stop Torturing Teens? That Is SO Democrat!
Stork Sex
Story of a Song
Stroke of Midnight
Stuff the Cards – The Anthology
Stupidity Is Forever
Sunday Superbowl Sunday!
Supernatural Before It’s Natural


Tattoo Taboo
Taxing Tax Thought
Teen Driving Fallacies
Teenagers, Oh My!
Tell It Like It Is
Temptations for Ageism
Terrible Two
That First Part of Carmen
That I Overlooked Before
That’s Round Eight
That Was Close
There’s a Mine Detector!
The Third
Third Party Thought
Thirty Second Pissing Contest
This Is Christmas
This Is Eight Mine Fortress
This Is How Movies Should NOT Advertise
This Is Why I Hate Tea
This Makes Me Want to Crush Skulls
This Street Is Made for Driving
Those Crazy Eights!
Three Square Meals
Time on Your Hands
Tinsel Sucks
Tiny Blogs
To Our Brave Heroes
To Prove Their Mousey Worth
The Toilet Seat Thing
Tower of Terror
To Young and Old, Meek and the Bold
Tracking Devices
Trick or Treat!
Trix Wisdom
The Trouble with Paultards
TSA Fail
Turkey Sandwich
Twin Fail
Two Decades of Yellow Goodness
Two Years Ago


Uh oh! The CSS Patrol!
Um… Choice Anyone?
Unconsciously Prejudiced
Underage Drinking
Usiel the Occupying NYRAnian
Utah to Jack Thompson: STFU


V-Chip Can Go to Hell
Violent Video Games
Votes for Sanjaya


Want to Be Cool Like Me?
Watching and Waiting
Water Levels
Welcome, Step In
We’ll Just Have to Muddle Through Somehow
Westward Leading, Done Proceeding
What Happened to Jane?
What Have They Done to It?!
What I Won’t Miss
What If We Get an Eight?
What’s the Point?
What’s the Use?
What the Swear Is this Curse?
When I Saw It…
Who Gets to Vote?
Why Are You Shopping Today?
Wicked Sweet
Winter Solstice
Wolf Alarm
Work Like a Dog
World Cup
World Trade Center
World War II
WTF 2010


Yeah, I’m a Bitch
Yeah, I’m a Bitch 2
Yet Another Let Down
You Are So Pwned!
You Can Cast Spells While Listening To Your iPod!
You Can’t Tuna Casserole
You Learn Something New Every Day!
You People Corrupt Me
You’re Doing Your Own Laundry
You’re Not Oppressed
You Scream, I Don’t
You Thought Otherwise?
You Will Get No Sympathy from Me
Your Right to Say It
Youth Shouldn’t Be Equal?
Yule Gripe


ZOMG! Christmas!

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