October 31, 2019

One Pursued

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It began as it always does in the spring. And from there…

Why do I get the feeling that this is the start of something?

Why do I get the feeling this is also the start of something?

Starts of somethings indeed.

And this thing!

Holy shit, really?!

NLDS Game 1


NLDS Game 2

NLDS Game 3

NLDS Game 4

NLDS Game 5

Wait, what?!


And now, the NLCS. Against the Cardinals? Uh oh…

NLCS Game 1

Damn, Sanchez!

Nats 2 – Cards 0

NLCS Game 2

Damn, Scherzer!

Nats 3 – Cards 1

NLCS Game 3

Let’s all hug Stephen Strasburg. Awwww! Hey, there’s still time. Let’s all hug him again. Awww!

Cards 1 – Nats 8

NLCS Game 4

Holy mother of fuck.

No fucking way!

Also, Sean Doolittle.

Also, this.

This is happening…

Good call.

It’s time…

World Series Game 1


Nats 5 – Astros 4

World Series Game 2

Nats 12 – Astros 3

Now to come home to DC…

World Series Game 3

Astros 4 – Nats 1

World Series Game 4

Astros 8 – Nats 1

World Series Game 5

Astros 7 – Nats 1

Hmm. Back to Houston…

World Series Game 6

Nats 7 – Astros 2

Here we go…

World Series Game 7

10/30/19 – NEVER FORGET

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