December 31, 2013

Clusterfuck 2013

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*pant* *wheeze* *gasp*

Huh, what? Is 2013 just about over? Ah, it is. What a ride. Well, let’s get right into it with months named like episodes and a lot of cryptic notes.

January: Ball of Yarn

-These are some bizarre interview questions.
-Reading Deathly Hallows again.
-Les Mis with Kathleen, Alexander, and Pam!

February: Baskets

-LOL Superbowl power outage
-Hey, Ravens won the Superbowl! Even if being a Redskins fan means I should hate them apparently.

March: In the Garden of Brookside

-Got some NYRA stuff!
-Ugh. Alex’s house caught fire.
-Bill saw last year’s recap and accused me of libel. Inb4 same with this one.
-Hmm. Job paying a lot less than previous and still didn’t get it because not qualified enough. :irked:
-Laser tag!
-#26 Freewill

April: The Right Side of History

-Me, to Takoma Park: “Lower the voting age! All the cool places are doing it!”
-Holy crap, is this thing actually going to pass?!

May: Fifteen Percent

-Aww, crap, I turned 30.
-Hardy? You’re going to get over the lymphoma, right? Right?
-Oh. Only months left tops. ๐Ÿ™
-Oh no.
-RIP fellow NYRAnian, fellow board member
-And on that same day…
-In Takoma Park… “Councilmember Smith?” “Aye.” “Councilmember Seamens?” “Aye.” “Councilmember Schultz?” “Nay.” “Councilmember Male?” “Aye.” “Councilmember Grimes?” “Aye.” “Councilmember Daniels-Cohen?” “Aye.” “Mayor Williams?” “Aye.”
-And with that, the voting age was lowered to 16 in Takoma Park, MD.
-Just like that… #16tovote
-Oh. I got a job! Finally!
-I can do this. Must do a good job.
-So many minus-80 freezers!

June: Coffeemaker

-Hang on. One of the background music pieces in Lemmings is supposed to be Pachelbel’s Canon and I somehow never fucking knew this?! MIND BLOWN
-Whoa. What’s that thing hanging outside the walk-in freezer?
-Coworker: “If you stop moving, it starts chirping. If you still donโ€™t move, it starts screaming. And they have to come drag your ass out.”
-Eep. Hope I don’t have to go in there!
-Hmm. We just got a week off because there isn’t anything to do. Oh, well.
-At least we were brought back.
-Finally telling off someone at NYRA who needed a good telling off. ๐Ÿ˜€
-Alright, I should probably be more specific, but if I did, he’d probably whine about libel again. :cute:

July: Stop! Hook up!

-Woo, Nationals game!
-Speeding?! You can get pulled over for speeding on I-270? Interesting.
-Okay, fine, I’ll run for the damn board again.
-Job just moved to me new location. Big but same basic job.
-Wow, those man-down devices for the walk-in freezers are loud!
-NYRAnians calling to confront ageist sushi restaurant in Virginia!
-I think I just scared WES. I called them out for ageism in a platform response. ๐Ÿ˜›
-What the mother of crap, did I just get pulled over again?
-What do you mean I was tail-gating?
-Huh? I need to go inside the walk-in freezer? Gulp…
-Okay, this isn’t so bad…
-And I’m in and out. Did what I needed to.

August: Blueberry Muffin

-First the Snipers in Baltimore and then some more NYRAnians in DC.
-It’s not Annual Meeting day, but it damn well feels like it!
-Time for Kathleen to go to San Francisco.
-Even if it requires driving her to the airport at 5am. Sigh.
-Hmm. MLK Library may have to do for the AM.
-We’ll connect NYRA-Twin Cities to the DC AM by video chat!
-Okay, this worked out.
-If this AM sucked balls. Oh, well.

September: Maybe

-I’ve been laid off again?!
-Oh, lovely, now a prolonged power outage after thunderstorm… This will be a while…
-Hmm. Just five hours. Could have been a lot worse. Okay.
-OMG I met Heather Corinna!!!
-NYRA board meetings on Google Hangout? This is pretty awesome!

October: Labyrinth

-Meetings to plan Winter Festival!
-I want to play Kingdom Hearts again.
-Dear God, forgot how awesome this game is.
-Oh, no, I’ve got a cold. On Halloween!

November: Spinach Bean Thing

-Time for Sugarloaf climb!
-Dad sold the house? Oh no.
-I’ll make that spinach bean thing for community dinner.
-I’ll make it again for Thanksgiving!

December: A Platypus and a Sloth Skiing in the Alps

-Ordered holiday cards late again.
-Taking little brother to Winter Festival!
-I’m a smug skiing platypus!
-Uh oh. We’re leaking water into neighbor’s house somehow.
-Fucking heating condensation pipe! :irked:
-Last Christmas in Grandma’s house. ๐Ÿ™
-Followed by a week straight of moving shit out.
-And then settlement.
-And the house is no longer ours. As of this afternoon.
-But we went out to dinner.
-And I’ve just barely made a post every day in December!

And the ball is dropping now, we close the book on the veritable clusterfuck that was 2013! Oy.

Well, let’s see what 2014 has up its sleeve… :scared:

December 30, 2013


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So the Washington Redskins just fired all their coaches. Well, after a 3-13 season, something needs to change. This is sucky even by Redskins standards! Are the coaches the problem? I don’t know. This isn’t a sports blog. Go watch SportsCenter or something.

But lately, a lot of talk about the team involves the admittedly if arguably racist name. As far as that issue, I find myself pondering a solution. So here it is…

If the Washington Redskins change their mascot and logo to a potato, can they continue to be called Redskins?

But then again, I think the better question would be…

If the Washington Redskins coaches and players were replaced by potatoes, would anyone notice?

December 29, 2013


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What do people mean when they open their yaps and say words? Here’s a guide to some of the things. Even if some of intention isn’t always there, such a message is conveyed.

“Learn more about dealing with drug abuse among teens and young adults.”

Translation: “Teenagers are bad and you should hate them.”

“Good luck when your kids are teenagers!”

Translation: “Teenagers are bad and you should hate them.”

“We’ve had shoplifters, so no unaccompanied under-16s allowed in store.”

Translation: “Teenagers are bad and you should hate them.”

“Brains aren’t fully developed until 25, so young people can’t make decisions well and are impulsive.”

Translation: “Teenagers are bad and you should hate them.”

You get the idea.

December 28, 2013


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Alright, here is yet another mine field. Time to uncover.


Not bad.

Open another square…


Watch your step!


Just don’t get into a corner or hit a wall.


Getting around another side now.


Eeep! They’re closing in.


It’s like a hallway or a ninety-degree turn.


It’s a dead end. Or like being in a dangerous little room. Almost totally surrounded. Almost…

Uh oh… It is…


Totally surrounded.

It’s like you’re in some kind of Fortress. Or something like that.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven.


Happy 8th Anniversary, Eight Mine Fortress!!!!

December 27, 2013


Since the family is moving out of Grandma’s house this weekend (which has eaten up my time and made the daily posting here rather difficult but whatever), I have been occasionally just claiming items around the house I feel like keeping that no one else cares about anyway. One item I snatched last week was Grandma’s 1982 hymnal.

When I went home that night, I looked through the Christmas songs in it. Some I never heard of anywhere else, while others were very familiar and were sung on Tuesday night, as well as ones not done then but heard of nonetheless.

One song was Good Christian Men Rejoice. Only the lyrics didn’t say that. It said “Good Christian Friends Rejoice”. Huh.

Then Christmas Eve night, at the service, singing some of the very familiar songs out of copies of the same hymnal, I noticed some of the slight variations to the lyrics from more popular versions. In the second verse of Hark the Herald Angels Sing, where it’s usually “Pleased as man with men to dwell”, it instead read “Pleased as man with us to dwell”. And in the third verse, where it’s usually “born that men no more may die” it was “born that we no more may die”, and then where it’s usually “born to raise the sons of earth” it was instead “born to raise us from the earth” or something like that. Plus a few other little alterations like that, which never occurred to me much before. Until I saw the “Good Christian Friends” thing and put it all together…

The hymnal… is gender neutral. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


December 26, 2013

Cruel Frost Is Cruel

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And a one and a two and…

Good King Wenceslas looked out
On the Feast of Stephen

The mention of the Feast of Stephen being the single only reason this is a Christmas song.

When the snow lay round about
Deep and crisp and even

Yeah, yeah, winter, got it.

Brightly shone the moon that night
Though the frost was cruel

Good. So you can see where you’re going while you freeze to death. Go inside!

When a poor man came in sight
Gathering winter fuel.

Got to keep the car gassed up and heater all kerosened up.

Second verse!

“Hither, page, and stand by me,
If thou know’st it, telling
Yonder peasant, who is he?
Where and what his dwelling?”

Getting kind of nosy.

“Sire, he lives a good league hence
Underneath the mountain;
Right against the forest fence
By Saint Agnes’ fountain.”

He’s a wizard who will eat you. Better stay home.

Third verse!

“Bring me flesh, and bring me wine
Bring me pine logs hither:
Thou and I shall see him dine
When we bear them thither.”

Leave people alone while they are eating!

Page and monarch, forth they went
Forth they went together;
Through the rude wind’s wild lament
And the bitter weather.

A lot of inter-class bonding in the NSA’s early years.

Fourth verse!

“Sire, the night is darker now
And the wind blows stronger;
Fails my heart, I know not how;
I can go no longer.”

See? Your voyeuristic ways are getting your assistant killed.

“Mark my footsteps, good my page.
Tread thou in them boldly
Thou shalt find the winter’s rage
Freeze thy blood less coldly.”

These alternative medicine cures to hypothermia are weird.

Fifth verse!

In his master’s steps he trod
Where the snow lay dinted;
Heat was in the very sod
Which the saint had printed.

Ohhh, got you. Wencie was dropping them glove warmer things from his feet. Or something. I guess.

Therefore, Christian men, be sure,
Wealth or rank possessing,
Ye who now will bless the poor,
Shall yourselves find blessing.

Well, it beats getting mind-fucked by some ghosts Christmas Eve night at least.

December 25, 2013

Glaedelig Jul

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I made cookies.

That’s the main thing. I’d been studying cookie recipes for about a week and got eager to finally try one out. Want to develop my own cookie recipe sort of. I’ve already got a muffin recipe, even if I haven’t made them in many years. But, it’s Christmas, so it’s cookie time, and I’ve put it off for too many years. Can’t just make and poorly-modify the store-bought Pillsbury dough. Got to make my own! ๐Ÿ˜€

Christmas is about the old and new.

So I watched specials. So I saw the family. So I went to the Christmas Eve late night church service. So I held the candle and sang Silent Night and for some reason found myself holding back inexplicable laughter. So I stayed up way too late wrapping presents.

And this morning I baked some more of my cookies.

Damn, they are good! If really goddamn sweet.

There’s white chocolate and milk chocolate and peanut butter and butterscotch! ๐Ÿ˜€

This morning, opened presents and saw the little brother get another damn train.

The new were my cookies.

The old is this old house that has belonged to my family since my grandparents bought it in 1965. Every Christmas of my life has brought me to this house.

And it’s been sold and we’re moving out next week before the year is even up.

Well… I don’t know what to say about that anymore. Certainly not giving any more details than that.

I’ve got a lot of Christmas traditions, from those lasting my whole life, such as the simple opening presents with family and having our feast of roast beast, and watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. To newer ones like the Christmas Eve night service, having gone to it every year since 2003, with a few times before then. To NYRA’s holiday cards since 2006. To Washington Ethical Society’s Winter Festival since 2009. And to whatever others may come in what I sure hope will be many more iterations of this holiday.

Can’t say it’s totally happy right now.

But I’ve got cookies. They’re awesome.

December 24, 2013

All These Things and More

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Someday at Christmas
Men won’t be boys
Playing with bombs
Like kids play with toys
One warm December
Our hearts will see
A world where men are free.

Someday at Christmas
There’ll be no wars
When we have learned
What Christmas is for
When we have found
What life’s really worth
There’ll be peace on earth.

Someday all our dreams will come to be
Someday in a world where men are free
Maybe not in time for you and me
But someday at Christmas time.

Someday at Christmas
We’ll see a land
With no hungry children
No empty hand
One happy morning
People will see
A world where people care

Someday at Christmas
There’ll be no tears
When all men are equal
And no men have fears
One shining moment
My heart ran away
From our world today.

Someday all our dreams will come to be
Someday in a world where men are free
Maybe not in time for you and me
But someday at Christmas time.

Someday at Christmas
Man will not fail
Hate will be gone
And love will prevail
Someday a new world
That we can start
With hope in every heart.

Someday all our dreams will come to be
Someday in a world where men are free
Maybe not in time for you and me
But someday at Christmas time.
Someday at Christmas time!

December 23, 2013

Annoying Popular Article

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There is this article going around that you’ve most likely seen by now. I think half my Facebook friends have shared it, most hating it but a few agreeing. I’m not going to link it because it’s obvious click-bait and they’re getting enough attention anyway, so I don’t need to add to it.

It starts off good with the little bit about the light switches, and then seemingly out of nowhere it goes into a nonsense diatribe on gun rights and making weird and unexpected comparisons to the Spanish Inquisition. Next was something about the writer’s niece baking gluten-free brownies and this tied back into the light switch thing somehow.

You know the one I mean.

I enjoyed this line:

When we arrived at Chicago O’Hare, the airline had lost my sled and accidentally sent it to Detroit. So I had to get to my aunt’s house without a gift and ran by 7-11 real fast and had to settle for giving a two-liter bottle of Mountain Dew.

It proceeded to blame ObamaCare for a few rude mall security guards.

I don’t get what the ending about the narwhals was supposed to be about.

But in all in all, it wasn’t terrible, but again, obvious click-bait. The crap people write these days!

December 22, 2013

Easter Creep

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So I was at the grocery store earlier getting some food and avoiding going home to cringe at the Redskins game. I’m in the holiday aisle with a crapton of Christmas goodies, though not quite as much as they had last week. Despite the obvious fact Christmas hasn’t actually gotten here yet.

And what to my wondering eyes should appear, occupying just one little area but present nonetheless… Easter candy.

Seriously! Three days before Christmas, and the Easter candy is out.

Know when Easter is in 2014? April 20. It’s going to be one late ass Easter this coming year. And stuff for it is appearing already.

Mary’s not even two centimeters dilated and we’re already planning her son’s crucifixion.

Though one could argue it’s fitting, as Christmas/Winter Solstice celebrations all come down to promising that Easter/Vernal Equinox will come. If four months away still. If the (freakishly warm) Winter Solstice was only yesterday.

Already there are the Peeps. Already there are the Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. Already there are Cadbury Creme Eggs…

I’m okay with this.

December 21, 2013

Light and Dark

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The Winter Solstice is here again. Oh, I hear something…

Winter Solstice: It’s time for the sun to return!

Summer Solstice: Yeah, yeah, yeah…

Winter Solstice: Hey, what are you doing here?

Summer Solstice: I’m on the other side of the world. We occur at the same time, you know.

Winter Solstice: I know that. Anyway, why aren’t you celebrating? You have lots of sun.

Summer Solstice: And I have to see it go away. For that, nobody gives a damn. With you, they celebrate the sun returning, but by the time I come around, their brightest day of the year, no one cares. No summer Christmas for me.

Christmas: Did someone say my name?

Winter Solstice: Summer Solstice is feeling glum and without a holiday.

Christmas: What! Nonsense. You’ve got me. You’re today in the southern hemisphere, are you not?

Summer Solstice: Yeah. But having you is just sort of a happy accident.

Christmas: And the key word there is “happy”. So don’t be sad.

Winter Solstice: Now just a minute, Christmas. You’re specifically for me. Everything you’re made of comes out of Winter Solstice celebrations.

Christmas: And I think I’m fine with the southern hemisphere calling me a summer holiday just as they call me a winter one for you. Got a problem with that?

Winter Solstice: Yes! Because you’re specifically a winter holiday.

Christmas: I’m a lot of things. If I want to call myself also a celebration of the days being their longest and brightest, I’ll do that.

Winter Solstice: But it doesn’t make sense.

Christmas: Hey, does applying importance to axial tilt as if it means anything beyond that make any sense? Don’t pull at that thread.

Summer Solstice: Axial tilt? Yeah, that’s ours. But, Christmas, I thought Jesus was the reason for your season. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Christmas: That, too.

Summer Solstice: So you already go beyond us solstices. What’s the matter here?

Christmas: I don’t know. I thought you were the one unhappy.

Summer Solstice: Winter gets all the celebration for the return of the sun, but I have the sun as returned and full as it’s going to get. And I get little celebration. I don’t get it.

Christmas: That doesn’t reflect upon you. Hey, how do you think I’d feel if I worried too much about what my celebrators do supposedly for me? Especially that mind-numbing “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” war. These people simply don’t make sense.

Summer Solstice: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Christmas: Maybe? Or, perhaps, people are too busy lounging around in the bright sunny long days they don’t need to put on a special celebration? Perhaps a more subtle, more muted appreciated.

Summer Solstice: Hmmm. Could be.

Christmas: There you go! You don’t need to be the cheap crap that Winter Solstice and I are.

Winter Solstice: Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?

Summer Solstice: It means enjoy your hypothermia, losers!

Winter Solstice: Oy.

December 20, 2013

Said the Little Lamb

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Alright, everyone. Time again to sing!

*taps conductor stick thingy*

Said the night wind to the little lamb,
“Do you see what I see?”

Ah, the wind is bored and feels like playing I Spy.

“Way up in the sky, little lamb.
Do you see what I see?”

I’m sure the small ovine appreciates the hint.

“A star, a star, dancing in the night,
With a tail as big as a kite,
With a tail as big as a kite.”

Oh, sure, give it away before the lamb has a chance to guess.

Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy,
“Do you hear what I hear?”

And the shepherd replied with “holy shit, a talking lamb!”

“Ringing through the night, shepherd boy.
Do you hear what I hear?”

Is it just that night wind playing I Spy with other random critters?

“A song, a song, higher than the trees
With a voice as big as the sea.
With a voice as big as the sea.”

This simile is silly to me.

Said the shepherd boy to the mighty king,
“Do you know what I know?”

Translation: Boy skips into the palace all chanting “I know something you don’t know! I know something you don’t know!”

“In your palace, oh, mighty king.
Do you know what I know?”

If this king is supposed to be Herod, then shepherd boy you’ve got a lot of blood on your hands.

“A child, a child, shivers in the cold.
Let us bring him silver and gold.
Let us bring him silver and gold.”

Or a coat or a blanket or something of immediate need for cold people.

Said the king to the people everywhere,
“Listen to what I say!”

Pfft. Everyone thinks their own words are so important. Get a Twitter account!

“Pray for peace, people everywhere.
Listen to what I say!”

What a useless statement.

“A child, a child, sleeping in the night.
He will bring us goodness and light.
He will bring us goodness and light.”

In 33 years, all we have to do is stick nails into him until he dies. Praise the Lord!

December 19, 2013

Conflict of Interest

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Now for an opinionated debatable edition of…


Upton Sinclair said: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”

It’s not an invalid point, but it gets annoying quickly when I see people quoting it a lot with the idea that if you work in an industry that does something even slightly controversial, you are then not allowed to have an opinion on that issue because it’s a “conflict of interest” for you.

For example, someone who works at a clinic where abortions are performed may try to defend the pro-choice viewpoint in conversation, only for some asshat to silence her with “Your salary depends on abortion being legal. Of course you can’t see why it’s wrong.”

What the fuck is that? Instead of bothering to debate her, said asshat just completely writes her off as somehow incapable of rational thought because of where she works. She only disagrees because she’s somehow muddled because of her source of income, not because, you know, she has some actual reasons and said asshat just might be wrong.

Some youth rights supporters believe parents have nothing of value to say about or contribute to the youth rights movement because they supposedly have some interest in keeping their children under their thumb. This is bullshit, of course, because there are some parents who support youth rights (including two of NYRA’s current board members) and even have a valuable insight into parenthood the rest of us don’t which can help to pave the way to a more youth-friendly world, which can’t be achieved very well through hypotheticals alone.

And that is another thing. Sometimes the people who are being written-off as inherently biased because they somehow benefit from “not understanding” actually have a better understanding than those writing them off. Often this is in the form of calling bullshit on a lot of exaggerations the opposition comes up with. One thing that got me thinking about this was a recent response by an immunologist to some stupid crap some anti-vaxxer was spouting. The immunologist gave a good response there to what seems to be willful ignorance on the part of whoever created that image at the top, clarifying the facts about vaccines and debunking the made-up nonsense. And yet… I couldn’t help the thought that some asshat might see that and assume that, being an immunologist, he may somehow benefit monetarily by widespread vaccinations and so of course he is defending them! ๐Ÿ™„

That’s right, you fail-riddled Upton Sinclair-wannabes. That’s how stupid you sound.

December 18, 2013

Unwise Purchases

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People with Celiac Disease can’t eat gluten. It screws up their small intestine and makes them all kinds of sick. And yet, they are still perfectly free to waltz into any store and buy a loaf of bread.

People with peanut allergies must stay away from peanuts, obviously. In some cases, eating peanuts could kill them. Merely being around peanuts can mess them up. And yet, they are still perfectly free to waltz into any store and buy a can of peanuts.

Stores don’t require you to prove you can safely consume the foods you intend to buy before they sell them to you. They trust you can look after your own self and know what you should or shouldn’t be eating or drinking. Not that that’s really their place anyway.

But then there’s the drinking age. For this, stores are required to make their customers prove they are of legal drinking age before allowing the purchase. Because alcohol is supposedly uniquely harmful to those below that age.

Yet even if this were true, even if the tiniest sip of alcohol could cause someone 20 or under severe immediate damage, why are the sellers made responsible to ensure that the buyers of this product are those who can consume it safely, while they do no such thing for deadly allergens, which do a lot more damage to those with such allergies?

Maybe just throw this on the already gargantuan heaping pile of Reasons the Drinking Age Makes No Sense.

December 17, 2013

Let There Be Peace on Earth

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So we can travel a lot more easily. So we can learn about each other and enjoy what we all have to offer more easily.

Without corrupt governments and politics sticking their asses into everything.

There are so many beautiful places to see and cultures to be exposed to and foods to taste, yet so many are in unstable environments, rife with crime and misery and poverty, brought on by corrupt infrastructure and political turmoil.

I’d like our relations with Russia to completely improve, and then we’ll build a bridge across the Bering Strait, so then we can drive to Asia. Take roadtrips to liberated China and India. Korean Peninsula could finally get along and then build a bridge to Hokkaido so we can drive to Japan as well. Then with the Middle East peaceful we can drive over there for some quality falafel. The kind they share with their Israeli neighbor friends because they have no beef with each other anymore. And then into Africa, free of corrupt governments and practices and abject poverty, for all the beauty it has to offer underneath all that.

Maybe international borders would just dissolve entirely. No more “illegal immigration” concerns because they would be welcome anywhere and even where they’d be coming from would be pleasant and peaceful and provide them with all they need.

No wars. No starvation. No atrocities.

Just a lot of cooperation and harmony and acceptance of difference.

It’d be nice.

December 16, 2013

Don’t Lower the Voting Age!

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A major youth rights issue is granting youth the right to vote, by either lowering or abolishing the voting age, with or without implementating some other voter-fitness standard. Just this year, right in my county, Takoma Park lowered the city voting age to 16. But is such a measure a good idea?

There are so many concerns!

Such as…

Teens lack the political knowledge necessary to vote!
And said political knowledge necessary for voting is agreed upon by everyone. That’s why those without it are turned away from the polls. And why those with extra political knowledge get two votes.

Teens would just vote for celebrities.
Adult voters would never dream of voting for actors Ronald Reagan or Arnold Schwarzenegger, or wrestler Jesse Ventura.

Teens aren’t directly involved in what gets voted on.
Why let the students who actually attend the public schools vote for school board when some old creeper who watches them walk to the bus stop every day can?

Teens aren’t mature enough to vote.
Voters who come to the polls are given a battery of personality tests to be sure they perfectly meet some maturity standard. Those who do exceptionally well get two votes.

Teens will just vote the same way as their parents.
Someone voting the same way as someone else is forbidden. Votes for a candidate already voted for by someone else are thrown out. That’s why every election is a tie at one vote per candidate.

Teens are dependent on parents and don’t have jobs.
Only employed homeowners are allowed to vote. Stay-at-home moms and the elderly and those with disabilities are therefore not allowed to vote.

Teens do not value basic freedoms.
Adults would never dream of passing the Patriot Act.

Teens are into Justin Bieber and wearing their pants too low. They shouldn’t be voting.
Yeah, I know someone who went to vote last year only to be turned away from the polls for accidentally listening to 30 seconds of a Taylor Swift song. She also wore a white shirt two days after Labor Day.

Teens are apathetic and wouldn’t vote anyway so why bother?
Yeah, really. What, you think they might actually have a HIGHER turn out than adults? Don’t be silly.

December 15, 2013

Two-Point Conversion

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I hereby decree…

Attempting a two-point conversion when merely kicking the extra point would tie the game is fucking stupid.

When a touchdown is scored, two-point conversions have their place. If the six points from the touchdown bring you to only five points down, it makes sense, as a successful one would bring you within three, so a field goal would tie, while with either just the extra point or no extra points after touchdown, a touchdown would be required to get ahead. Similar thing is you’re down by two after the touchdown, whereas missing or making the extra point would still not be enough and both would require at least a field goal, but the two-point conversion would tie. Situations like that are where attempting a two-point conversion is merited.

When it is not a good idea is in the final seconds of the game, you make the touchdown and you’re down by only one. Kicking the extra point would tie it, and you can still win in overtime. Two-point conversion would win right then, sure, but it’s harder and the tie would at least keep you alive. So you go for the tie. This is a no-brainer. Only idiots would decide to go for two, particularly when you haven’t won a game in like two months and your fans are getting restless.

I love you, Washington Redskins, but you’re idiots. :doitnow:

December 14, 2013

The Prettiest Sight to See

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Alright, let’s sing again. Because it’s fun. Because it’s Christmas time. Because, dear God, it’s barely middle of the month and I’m already tapped out.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Everywhere you go

That it is. Though some people have been bitching about this since September. And by bitching that it’s looking like Christmas, it means some KMart decided to get a jump on garland sales and suddenly it’s “Eeek, Christmas creep!”

Take a look at the Five and Ten
Glistening once again
With candy canes and silver lanes aglow

Is this before or after Bryan Adams got his first real six-string?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Soon the bells will start
But the thing that will make them ring
Is the carol that you sing
Right within your heart.

Either that or just singing and using your hands to ring a bell. Hearts are better at the whole blood pumping thing.

A pair of hop-along boots
And a pistol that shoots
Is the wish of Barney and Ben

Ah, a couple of Second Amendment supporters I see.

Dolls that can talk
And can go for a walk
Is the hope of Janice and Jen.

Gender binary!

And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again!

Go fuck yourself and die.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Everywhere you go

Cool. How so?

There’s a tree in the grand hotel

I should think so.

One in the park as well
The sturdy kind that doesn’t mind the snow.

A tree that doesn’t mind snow. Also known as… a tree.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Toys in every store

Didn’t Barnes and Noble use to be a bookstore?

And the prettiest sight to see
Is the holly that will be
On your own front door.

My decorations are better than your decorations! :doitnow:

December 13, 2013

Responses Again

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Oh, crimony, another damn school shooting, because Colorado is the shooting state apparently.

Just a day shy of the anniversary of Sandy Hook.

Uh oh, not again

“This is why guns should be illegal!”
“This is why we all need guns!”
“This is why young people need to be locked up until they’re 30!”
“This is why public schools must be abolished!”
“This is why we need more services for the mentally ill!”
“This is why we must do away with violent media!”
“JESUS! We all must accept JESUS!”

December 12, 2013

In Sin and Error Pining

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Alright, it’s not Christmas Eve yet, but let’s sing!

O Holy Night, the stars are brightly shining

Sounds lovely.

It is the night of our dear Savior’s birth.

Huh. Seem to know a lot about someone who was apparently only just born. What if he doesn’t want to be a Savior? What if he wants to be a ballroom dancer?

Long lay the world in sin and error pining

Poor world. ๐Ÿ™

Till he appeared and the soul felt its worth

Soul feeling worth is needed, but does it have to rely on him? And can it still feel worth if he does go the ballroom dancing route?

A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.

Yay! It’s a new day! ๐Ÿ™‚

Fall on your knees

Ouch! That’ll mess up the new day if your knees are sore.

Oh hear the angel voices

It must just be some drunks in a nearby tavern. Same diff.

Oh night divine, oh night
When Christ was born

Oh, that’s who you’ve been talking about!

Oh night, oh holy night
Oh night divine!

Still, ballroom dancing is probably a lot less excruciating than being crucified. Probably.

Second verse!

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