February 22, 2013

Downton Rage

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So I’ve finally gotten into Downton Abbey. I’ve pretty much only seen the third season, save bits and pieces of earlier ones. My parents had been watching it from the beginning. And, well, the Crawley family matriarch is played by Minerva McGonagall so who can resist? 😛

Well, it’s been a turbulent season. So I figured I’d share this is the most awesome way possible… with Rage Comics. Enjoy!

(Also, goes without saying, but LOTS AND LOTS OF SPOILERS ahead so don’t click through or read more if you care.)

Okay, okay, season starts off with the wedding of main characters (and third cousins, I think) Matthew Crawley and Mary Crawley. Nice.

And something about Mary’s dad Robert being a dumbass and losing all the family’s money in some poor investment and nearly losing Downton Abbey, until by amazing coincidence Matthew inherits a crapton of money from his late ex-fiance’s father which he is all reluctant to take because he didn’t really love the late ex, blah blah blah. Then he finally takes it and all is fine.

Uh oh, now some other stuff is happening…

Awwww! Oh no! Ethel has to give up her son to his grandparents because she can’t take care of him and everyone in 1920 England hates her now because she had to become a prostitute to make ends meet. It’s not fair! It’s not fair!

Oh, come on, Downton Abbey! That was just sad! Don’t be so sad again.



Noooooo! Sibyl!!!!! Why?!?!?! Fucking eclampsia!

Why? It’s not fair. The family was finally sort of accepting her husband Tom Branson, despite his being Irish and Catholic. And what about their newborn daughter? Oh, man, this is just terrible. And her parents Robert and Cora are fighting (because her dad was a dumbass again).

Such a sad time for Downton Abbey. 🙁

Alright, alright, next couple of episodes are fine, nothing awful. Sibyl is gone but her daughter, also named Sibyl, is doing fine. Family is moving on.

In fact, other nice things are happening.

Let’s see the season finale from this past Sunday.

Yay! Matthew and Mary have a little boy! And no one died of eclampsia this time. Oh, hooray for them! Hooray for the Crawley family! How wonderful!

Alright, there’s like two minutes left, but this is just great.

Oh, so happy for everyone!

Matthew is driving home to bring the family to see the baby…

Wait a minute, what just happened?!


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