April 29, 2011

I Have a Confession to Make

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I watched it.

Yup. Woke up just before 6am this morning and turned on the TV to BBC America, just in time for the service. I watched the royal wedding. I watched Prince William and Catherine Middleton get married, just like the whole rest of the world.

At Westminster Abbey, which I visited when I was in London a year and a half ago, so that was kind of cool on its own! 😀

In spite of the annoying obsessions over it, positive and negative, I still watched it.

Then again, why not? It was cute. It was neat. The people on the ground there watching the event and decked out in union jack-themed costumes were hilariously cheesy. It was seeing the continuance of old tradition. It made lots of people happy.

I mean, there are ethical issues with it, sure, depending on who you ask. Some are whether the royal family should even still exist. Some are the amount of tax-payer money that went into it. Some involve issues with preparation. Valid concerns.

And there’s the complaints that since this has been going on, it’s all the news seems to want to talk about, setting things like Japan’s seismo-nuclear clusterfuck and Middle East uprisings on the backburner. Those things are definitely more important than the royal wedding, yes. No argument there. But I do have to ask… did you really expect anything different?

Of course the media is going to focus so much on the royal wedding! Lots of people are interested and it’s a lighter topic. That’s what the media does. Don’t be so shocked when it’s doing the same thing it’s always done. This is why I generally don’t watch the news. They don’t cover anything I want to really hear about. CNN and others are going to talk about this and Obama’s birth certificate ad nauseum, that is to be expected, that’s what they do, so the nice easy solution to that is, obviously, get your news elsewhere.

There are more serious issues and they need attention, yes. But life is too short to be uselessly bitter, and, goddamn it, we need the less serious fun stuff now and then!

And to listen to William and Kate’s vows including the words “for richer or poorer” and to giggle and say “richer is underlined”. 😛

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  1. A very good excuse for watching BBC America at three in the morning!

    Comment by NotPalin — May 6, 2011 @ 12:04 pm

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